A Natural Hangover Cure - Who Wants To Know More?

A Natural Hangover Cure - Who Wants To Know More?

Our Boutique is in Rose Street, Essendon, where we are blessed now to have a place where all the shop owners and employees can gather for a Friday night drink. We all head to Benny and Me, a great location with a fabulous vibe, run by two energetic young men, Tim and Liam.

On the bar, I saw this fantastic hangover product, Bae Juice, which I learnt these young men designed and developed together, so I asked Tim to share their journey, one that hit the Daily Mail. Here is his story, one I think you will enjoy.

Bae Juice 1.jpg

So some background about me, I'm now 25. I was kicked out of Xavier College in 2010. Finished at St Bernard's in 2012 and didn't consider University.

I worked part-time with a night club owner, carrying kegs for two weeks, but then he had a massive mid-life crisis and asked if I would travel Vietnam with him. My boss had to get out of Melbourne (I knew him for two weeks and was 19 he was 26), so I went to Vietnam for what was a one month trip, which turned in one year as we saw an opportunity there to bring over Aussie music acts and host events. 

It went well for a few months, but we eventually bit off more than we could chew and ended back in Melbourne.

I was in and out of bartending jobs until my parents wanted to give me some career and pathways and asked If I would want to buy a cafe with them on Rose Street called Peperoncino's. 

So we brought a cafe with no experience! We grinded 12 hours shifts until we knew the ins and outs of the business. We began grinding 10kg of coffee per day, which has grown to almost on 40kg. Other areas of the cafe have developed, including meals and adding a bar on the weekends.

While in Vietnam, I met my partner Sumin of almost three years, and that's how I stumbled across Korean pear juice, which assist with hangovers. The Koreans have used this hangover cure for years, so we tried it and studied it, asked friends and family in Korea about it and became obsessed. 

So obsessed, we decided to find a supplier in Korea, which we rolled into the biggest farm in the country and pitched them our idea of making the product for Australia, and we were away!!

Bae Juice Product.jpg

Coming back to Melbourne to start building a brand and business was incredibly exciting. But then reality kicked in, and it became stressful when the time came after spending almost $40-50k on everything from research, design, marketing, general business items etc 

It came to then pay for the first shipment we had no money left!! All this hard work and we couldn't buy the stock so Sumin's dad who doesn't speak any English told us he would transfer us AUD 25,000 to help pay for the shipment. He believed in us, especially me, which was crazy, but this is what got us over the line on making our product a reality and having the debt gave us the drive us to where we are today. 

We put our entire paychecks into Bae Juice, and we didn't hesitate for a second to make this happen as we knew how great our product is.

We're now hustling trying to build our network of stores and keep our online sales ticking to keep that cash flow and were always coming up with new concepts and ideas. 

Hope this was a cool insight to us and a quick run over our journey.

Thanks Tim, I take my hat off to you two hard working and happy guys.

Read the article on the Daily Mail here.

Bae Juice - Wellness After Badness. Purchase here.

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