How To Break The Rules Of Fashion Faux Pas?

How To Break The Rules Of Fashion Faux Pas?

One thing I have learnt over my 52 years, and many years of styling, is rules are made to be broken. You will see that the stylish woman knows her mind enough to understand when she can omit the black-tie dress code, that colours that clash go, or fabric patterns that are so wrong can become right.

To do this takes confidence to know you are owning being a rule breaker. Playing around with fashion do's and don'ts show you have confidence and fashionability that will give you true style. Something is exciting about outfits that have an element of bad taste or a flash of weird in them. 

Your imagination only limits your dress code, and you can wear whatever you like, where ever and whenever you want. Own it, girlfriend.

Here are six of my favourite ways to rip pages out of the fashion rule books and make the "it's so wrong" right again.

1.    Never mix gold and silver

Traditionally mixing gold and silver is a fashion faux pas, but whoever made this rule is missing style. I think the tones look amazing when they are artfully stacked in bangles up an arm or coiled together around your neck. By adding rose gold, blackened silver, copper and brass adds another fabulous element, especially for a bohemian signature style.

2.    Only wear shorts to the beach 

As a lover of shorts, this rule is exceptionally outdated for me. This rule was created many moons ago because short styles were predominately showcased in a holiday-ish way.  Luckily now there is a whole array of outfits we can style with shorts, and they have become a huge staple for women's wardrobes.

3.    Activewear is only for the gym

Making the most out of your wardrobe involves thinking creatively around some items. Once upon a time, activewear was only designed for the gym and wasn't a fashion statement it is today. We can also wear our activewear with other essential wardrobe items to make use out of them daily. We can also follow the new trend CTL has created this year by wearing faux furs over activewear. The sky is the limit, and we love it.

4. Don't mix prints

The old rule of thumb used to be (especially for men with suits) 2 plain and one pattern, or 2 patterns and one plain. What we see today is three patterns mixed, which is a style trick you need to take a little bit of time to work out because it can kind of be awkward, but clashing prints definitely can be worn together to create a fantastic effect. The key is to find two prints with a similar base shade. Then mix up a large, bold design with a smaller, more delicate pattern to give your outfit a modern twist.

5.    Certain Colours Clash

Colour "clashes" from the past have now become in vogue. We were always told not to mix navy and black, but then Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director at Christian Dior, dedicated a whole collection to this mix for autumn 2017 and the look was phenomenal: chic and mysterious. Have fun putting hues together. We love pink and red together at the moment. The only colours we avoid, unless you want to look like a Christmas elf, are red and green!

6. Don't wear socks with sandals

You only have to look at gorgeous former Vogue fashion director, Lucinda Chambers, to know how ridiculous this rule is. The style has become a preferred style on the catwalks of Prada and Marni and can become a favourite in your wardrobe too.

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