5 Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Special

5 Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Special

Here is advice for men, for those men who are in a relationship and want it to last for the long haul. I am writing this article because even though I am not seeing clients at the moment, I have many men asking me to help them out with their relationships.

Most of the time, their partners are upset with them because she isn't feeling special. They feel like they are not number one, which guys I need to tell you, to have a happy partner, she needs to feel like she is the most important person in your life.

One of the most significant issues I see with men is that they don't make enough effort to keep their partner feeling loved. In the beginning, they pull out all the stops, but soon the dates, the flowers, and the "Good Morning Beautiful" texts fade away. Please don't be that guy!

Make sure you give your partner time, attention, and affection. Don't make her question why you aren't texting back as quickly as you used to or why every date night has turned into "Netflix and Chill". Please don't be lazy and don't take her love for granted.

If you stop making an effort, she will be tempted to leave you when she finds someone who will.....please don't be that guy, it isn't fun - I know as I have worked with many men who regret being that guy.

So here are five ways to make your partner feel special and fall back in love with you again.


Your partner needs to know she can count on you.

Ok guys, this is huge......your partner needs to know you will be there for her. It isn't a want for women, it is a need. If you say you are going to be there, please show up on time. If you promise to call, then call. Your partner needs to know she can trust you and that trust is built on her knowing you are there for her.

Appreciate the things your partner does for you.

The last thing you want your partner to feel is that she is taken for granted. If that happens, then guys, please know that this could be the end of your relationship and your partner could look elsewhere for appreciation. What I find is that when a woman is feeling appreciated, then they show this appreciation back more to you.

There are different ways to show your appreciation and love your partner how she needs to be loved, so please don't think it, express it to your partner. Verbal affirmations, affection, taken out on a date, or the look she needs to know you genuinely love her.

Tell your partner often she is the only woman for you

Women need to know you only have eyes for her. Tell her often why you only have eyes for her and why you chose to be with her. Women want to know you are loyal and how special she is to you. They need to feel secure in the relationship and that you are both in this loving relationship together.

Ensure your partner is being included in your future

I have included this one because many men don't realise how many times they organise to go away with their mates, but forget to include their partners in their future. Balance is key here.

Include your partner in your activities with friends and family, but give her plenty of alone time. Plan holidays together and special times even walks or picnics in the park. Surprise your partner and let her know she is number one. Organise more for her than anyone else. It doesn't take much, just some planning to make your partner feel special.

Remember the important dates.

I often hear that Valentines Day is only for America, but hey, it is a great excuse to make your partner feel special. It is important to remember her birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. Women feel special when you make a big deal about occasions. All it takes is a small gift she will love, a romantic dinner, or a surprise weekend away (that you organise!).

If you follow the above five ways to make your partner feel special and cared for, then you are on your way to being the man of her dreams. And you get to reap the rewards of having a partner who will love you right back.

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