The 5 Most Legendary Ways to Tie a Tie

The 5 Most Legendary Ways to Tie a Tie

Historically, a tie as an accessory mostly worn by men. With the evolution of fashion, however, women are embracing this accessory in their wardrobes as well. A tie or necktie is worn around a collar and tied just below the chin. The fashion industry has developed ties into different styles, sizes, and colours depending on the dress code of the occasion.

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History of the Tie

Learning how to tie a tie overtime has been analyzed and thought out over for years. The tie's history is quite captivating, considering it is an accessory rather than clothing. The origins of ties began in the early centuries during warfare times in France. The mercenaries wore a scarf that featured a knot which was part of their attire during the war. The then King of France loved the tie knot look so much; he made it a must-wear during royal functions. He called the knotted scarf "La Cravat" which is a name in French for the tie. Over time, fashion designers like Jesse Langsdorf of France revolutionized the scarf-like tie and designed it to the current tie shape. Currently, the trend, size, and shape of ties have taken on a modern design. The formation of types of tie knots brings out a distinct level of decoration and classiness.

Types of Tie Knots

Learning how to tie a tie is an art and a style at the same time. The different ways to tie knots are influenced by the weight of the tie's fabric and whether the occasion is formal or social. There are many types of tie knots, but here are 5 of the most legendary ones you need to know.

The Full Windsor Knot

The full Windsor knot is a fancy knot that may seem complicated but is very easy. The Windsor knot is the most common type both in Western and African countries. This knot brings out the look of confidence and is worn in official meetings and social gatherings.

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The Half-Windsor Knot

As the Windsors little brother, this tie is symmetrical yet streamlined. It has fewer folds and a less bulky profile than the full Windsor knot. This versatile know can be worn for almost any occasion, and its medium size is embraced by many.

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The Four-in-hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot is the simplest and has gained popularity over the last two century, and it's usually worn around an ordinary standard shirt or dress with a collar. This knot is great for a tie made from a heavy material.

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The Pratt Knot

The Pratt sits right between the Windsor and Four-in-hand Knot. It's clean and symmetrical and isn't too narrow or wide. This type of knot is ideal for regular wear or special occasions. The Pratt is also referred to as the Shelby or Shell.

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The Grantchester Knot

A fancy name for an elegant tie! This tie knot is typically recommended with lightweight materials such as silk. It features multiple layers which can help cover up a tie that is otherwise too long. The large-sized knot has the look of the Four-in-hand but with the size of the full Windsor. Looks great for those with a more massive chest or a spread collar.

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Learning how to tie a tie properly is an essential skill all men need to learn. In today's society, we can't overlook the fact that the fashion industry has a significant influence. Knowing different ways to tie a tie will give you an advantage not only in the workplace but in life. First impressions play a vital role and are just another reason to master the art of how to a tie a tie.

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