Fasten Your Seatbelts; It's time For Grounding

Fasten Your Seatbelts; It's time For Grounding

Quick interstate trips are one of the few mandated times most of us are grounded, whether we know it or not.  On most flights, we have no internet; you are locked into a seat, so what you can do is focus on your senses- touch, smell, taste, feel, hear, and see.

Even if we only have a few seconds practice in when we focus on the smell of the food coming down the aisle or listen to a song-the words and instruments more intently. We read a magazine and imagine ourselves at the destination. We are connecting in and grounding. 

Below are some tips for grounding and mindful travel: 


1. Photos galore

Create a folder of photo memories.  Clear out the old, the screenshots, the past that no longer serves you and make room for all that you love and let it be a reminded to yourself of where you are today and title it grateful.

2. Create a music mix

All the songs that have bought joy into your life, the fun memories on the dance floor or maybe that first kiss.  Label the mix with love.

3. Open your notes app or bring a pen to paper and journal

Free write until you have nothing left to say once you have acknowledged your mind thoughts and given it a space to purge. Read it back to yourself, but this time as an observer as if you were reading someone else story. What is happening here? What are the emotions, themes coming up? What so you think this is about? Can you do anything about this? What do you need to let go of? 

4. Shed the worry exercise 

Draw a line down the centre of the page and write control on one side and can't control on the other. What is the most pressing worry on your mind? Work, relationship etc. Have that forefront in your mind and be honest with your answers. Once you have written a list on each side, what do you see? I'm guessing a lot of what you're worried about is on the can't control side, yet we all tend to gravitate there first.  The golden nugget lies on the control side, what we can do about the situation.  Can you look after your self-care, talk to someone, set boundaries or walk away? 

Everything you just wrote on the control side is now your subheadings for your goals to help yourself out of this space. 

4. Put your hand on your tummy

Close your eyes and take five deep intentional breaths focussing on nothing else except the rise and fall of your hand to tummy and breathing. Easy and instantly relaxing. 

These practices not only lift your mood and reminds you of all the happiness in your life but also gives your mind a place to go each trip and release what does not serve you. 

In this process, you have taught yourself how to practice mindfulness and stay grounded for at least an hour of bliss.

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Connie Boglis is a counsellor in Melbourne with over 15 years’ experience and recently written her first children's book "Once Upon a Feeling" to help them express their emotions with the adults in their lives. Ages 4+ 

If you want to know more head to Connie’s website here.

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