Update From The Young Guy Who Is Running 250KM For Cancer

Update From The Young Guy Who Is Running 250KM For Cancer

Earlier this year I wrote about an amazing young guy I know, Damien Bugeja and how he is running 250km for cancer. We promised to keep you up to date with his progression of the journey. Here is the update from Damien.

Wow, what a roller coaster the last two months have been.

Screenshot 2019-05-25 20.58.38.png

I can’t believe that an idea that was nothing more than a bit of banter between two friends has now officially launched and made remarkable strides in raising much-needed funds for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.

Am I excited? You bet. Am I scared? You bet I am. Am I going to accomplish this goal? A huge yes. There are no doubts about what we are trying to accomplish.

If I had one word to explain my training program, it would be INTENSE! My training currently consists of 50-55km running over five sessions, three strength sessions, a swim session and one yoga session per week.

The crazy thing is the program has just begun.

In 6 months’, time, we will be pushing upwards of 120km running per week, and I can’t wait to push myself through those limits of what is possible. But don’t get me wrong - there are days where my body screams at me, but then my mind screams back at my body to be quiet. ‘Through adversity’ is where I understood the concept of ‘pushing the boundaries’. This simple concept taught me to push past the point of pain. One thing I do when I feel like giving up is to tell myself that you’ll never get this time back. The thing about time is, once it’s gone, it never comes back. SO WHY WASTE A MINUTE, A SESSION OR EVEN A CONVERSATION?

So where are my team and I at the moment? We are two months into our campaign and have ticked over the $2000 raised mark, with $98,000 to go in 10 months. We have made significant contact with sponsorships and are aiming to build further relationships. But we need more help; we need more support to make this dream a reality and provide the awareness that we are seeking. See below details if you would like to contact us and show your support.

Damien’s mum is so proud of her son and what he is doing for his Dad and to fight cancer.

Damien’s mum is so proud of her son and what he is doing for his Dad and to fight cancer.

What do we have coming up?

We launched ‘Sunday’s with Joey’ where we meet every Sunday at the Maribyrnong River and band together in a social setting to engage in light physical activity and enjoy each other’s company and meaningful conversations. Last week we had our first information session for people who will be running with me throughout the 6-day run, which was a fantastic, informative session, where we discussed nutrition plans, strength and conditioning, and outlined recovery methods. We also discussed my run plan and outline, the logistics behind it all and what the fundraising requirements are to become an active runner. If you would like to run with me, head to the website below on how to participate.

Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.02.59.png

We are also hosting a party’ Launch for Joey’ on 21st June at ‘The Market Hotel, South Melbourne’, to officially launch the run. The night is going to be a great community event with lots of fun, plenty of laughs and dancing until your feet get sore. Purchase tickets here.

All in all, we have already exceeded our expectations but are super excited for what is to come and can’t wait to see how far we can take it. The momentum is in full swing.

Until next time......stay fit and healthy and let’s help to fight cancer, one step at a time.

We would love for you to show your support and run for joey.

Instagram: @runforjoey

Facebook: /runforjoey


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