There Are Millionaires Everywhere. How Can Ordinary People Become One?

There Are Millionaires Everywhere. How Can Ordinary People Become One?

It may be hard to believe, but you didn’t have to go to an expensive private school or be that lucky heiress to make your fortune. 

It wasn’t until author Chris Hogan reached his thirties and began working with Dave Ramsey, who is famous for his radio program and best-selling books about wealth creation, that Chris started to see things in a whole new light; he became a financial coach and got out of debt to begin building real, lasting wealth.

In his book, Everyday Millionaires, Chris Hogan shows how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth, and how you can do it too.  The book draws on one of the most significant studies of millionaires that has ever been conducted in the USA. It reveals an essential truth that becoming a millionaire is achievable by anyone, no matter what your background is, how much you are earning now, or how “lucky” you are.  To become a millionaire takes practical knowledge and a commitment to following a plan.

Interested?  I am sure you are as I was, so what is this plan?

The first step is to believe you can become a millionaire and once you do, be proud of it.


Most people dream of becoming a millionaire, but many say that the dream is dead, and the average person can’t get ahead these days, which Hogan proves isn’t true.  He states it’s a dangerous lie that stops people believing they can achieve their dreams.

Hogan is living proof of this;. as a black man raised by a single parent in Kentucky, dreams of becoming a millionaire were almost laughed at.  But what Hogan found is that as long as you have an unshakeable belief that you can become a millionaire, then it is achievable.  No matter how many people will try to convince you that you won’t make it, it is time to make them disappear by proving them wrong. 

In 2017, CNBC Money reported there are almost eleven million millionaires in America. What more proof that it is achievable do you need?

Millionaires often don’t inherit the money (In fact, 79% of millionaires interviewed had never received an inheritance).  They are winning financially because of the hard work they are proud of, which was crystal clear in Hogan’s study.  They didn’t achieve their success by sitting around waiting to win the lotto.  They are winning instead by succeeding at what they are doing, and they know that winning is always a good thing and not something to be ashamed of.  And if they don’t always win, they don’t let that get in their way.  Instead, they use setbacks as motivation for their next big win.

It was hard work, sacrifice and sticking to a plan that got them to where they are today.

Let’s have a look at professional swimmer Michael Phelps, who is the most successful Olympian swimmer in history.  He was gifted with a body that is perfect for swimming and many write his success off as luck and good genes, but what they didn’t say and write is that he was swimming six hours per day, six days per week, in addition to a serious weight lifting program.  What Michael knew was that his genetic advantages would amount to nothing without hard work and sacrifice to back them up.

Believing is the mindset of most millionaires.   

Don’t assume their success is entirely based on luck.  If that is what you think, you will stop yourself from becoming one.  In reality, there are enough opportunities out there for everyone, but inheritance or none, or luck or no luck, you have to believe you can do it.  

This is the secret of all the millionaires Hogan spoke to. A ‘secret’ backed up by a plan, based around SMART goals that they worked hard and made sacrifices to achieve.

Millionaires see the opportunities that are out there for them and believe they can achieve them.

 Carolyn (Caz) Rowland is a fashion designer at Cazinc The Label, model, lifestyle blogger and professional Image Stylist. Caz is also a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching.  Caz is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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