How To Activate Your Glutes At Home

How To Activate Your Glutes At Home

Written By Damien Bugeja

Over my long and injury-plagued sporting career, soft tissue muscle injuries and reconstructive surgeries have always been a recurring facet of my life. I have endured many years trying to work out how best to alleviate these injuries and prevent them from affecting my sporting ability, but also my ability to live a normal day to day life. To be honest, my mum is sick of me coming home on crutches or having to undress and dress me because of multiple reconstructive surgeries. I remember the first surgery I ever had, a shoulder reconstruction. I screamed for mum from my bedroom and she replied unhappily with “What do you want?”, and with a cheeky grin, I said: “I need you to help me put my undies on”. Needless to say, we both had a giggle about this!


But one major issue I face now, having recovered from all the injuries and surgeries and retired from professional sports, is my ability to fire my glutes. One of the major reasons I faced a lot of soft tissue injuries was due to the fact that I was very quadricep dominant and my glutes and hamstring were underworked. Now that I have transitioned into more long distance running and covering significant kilometres on a weekly basis, I have found the same issue of my glutes not firing, therefore causing hamstring tendinopathy, which is an irritation of the tendon that attaches the hamstring and the bottom of the glute.

After consultation with a Myotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physiotherapist, below are some very simple exercise they recommended to complete, to help activate the muscle fibres in your hamstrings and glutes. These should be done every day and especially before physical activity. You can do these at home, at work, or on the job, and they will help prevent injury on a significant level. All you need is a set of Minibands or TheraBand’s which you can get from Kmart, and open space to work in.

  1. Clam


2. Glutei Bridges


3. Standing Kickbacks


4. Side Shuffle


5. Monster Steps


6. Standing Abductor Lifts


7. Lying Abductor Lifts


8. Standing External Rotation


9. Squat With Band


10. Lying Kickbacks


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