9 Bad Mindset Habits to Alleviate

9 Bad Mindset Habits to Alleviate

Written By Damien Bulgeja

We all let bad mindset habits creep in our minds from time to time. But the crucial aspect is how we remove them from our thinking. Below I will discuss some of the bad mindset habits I have studied and give you simple, yet effective strategies to alleviate them. 


1. The Believing Self-Doubt Mindset

Insecurity can kill your dreams. When you believe your self-doubt, you have already lost the fight before it begins. Believing rejection justifies to yourself that you aren’t good enough. Stop doubting yourself; more often than not our doubt is not an accurate reflection of our level of ability and skill. 

I still doubt myself every single day, but I am very mindful of when I do, so I can self-talk and bring positive mindset thoughts back into my day.

2.    The Need for Approval Mindset

Your attempts to gain approval from others could backfire. Stop trying to win support. Keep the focus on doing your best and recognise that you can't control how other people react with their thoughts and emotions. The only approval I need is that of my mum when I bring my future wife-to-be home!

3.    The Excuse Making Mindset

Finding ways of blaming everyone and everything other than yourself is the quickest way to distract from your achievement. Stop making excuses and start focusing on everything that you are grateful for right now and use that to drive your passion and focus. You put more effort into your performance when you pay attention to the positive, and believe how much you can achieve.

4.    The Unwillingness to Share Mindset

When we get to the point of success, we need to be able to share these winning strategies with people around us. Sometimes we can get so caught up in becoming self-indulged in our successes that we forget to help others and bring them up along side us. We don’t want to hog all the rewards because we then have nothing to share with people. Be a kind person. Be someone who cares enough to share a winning mindset.  

5.    The “I’m Perfect” Mindset

Too often we think that we have nothing to improve on. When we get caught up in this toxic way of thinking we reject every opportunity we get to learn from other people. No one is perfect. Perfection is not a thing and you can’t measure it. There are no limitations.

6.    The Unadaptable to Change Mindset 

Change is such a complicated process to understand and implement. We forget that change is inevitable and change can create some of the most joyous moments of our life. I know the single most significant aspect of my life that I have worked on is adapting to change.  

7.    The Ungrateful Mindset

Forgetting what is most important, and being grateful for what we do have rather than what we don’t have, is sometimes our downfall. When we become ungrateful, we forget to stay present and cherish the little moments, the little treasures that pass us ever so quickly. 

8.    The Victim Mindset

Believing that things happen to us and not for us determines how strongly we feel about achieving the goals we set out. When things go wrong, blaming everyone else and not taking ownership of our actions shows the victim mindset in our thinking. You’re never the result of anything that happens around you. We either chose to take ownership or suffer the consequences.

9.    The Completion Over Quality Mindset

Denzel Washington once said “Just because you’re doing more, doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done”. Factoring in what level of quality we complete each task at will set a precedent for future success. Remember not to focus on too many jobs at once, but be a master of few.


Ways to Alleviate Bad Mindset Habits

•    Surround yourself with people who tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

•    You must shape your path and learn off others.

•    Routine and Structure is crucial. Have a healthy morning routine before your day starts. 

•    Train in the morning. Get up before your day starts and get a workout in.

•    Find time to sit and reflect. Silence is of the essence, at least through some stage of the day. Your time is a great time.

•    Create your life vision and values. Setting a vision and aligning them with your values allow you to make the right decisions more often than not.

•    Set a nutritional plan, which is excellent for planning out your day but also fueling you to function at your best every day.

•    "Eat The Frog" - Try to get the hard things done early. I also try and complete my perceived hard tasks in the morning and not in the afternoon or at the end of the day. Getting these done first creates momentum.

•    Cut out focusing on meaningless activities that halt your momentum. Five minutes on something pointless is already too much time spent on that task. 

•    Every day you should practice being grateful for what you currently have. For me, all I focus on is having ‘Opportunity’. As long as I have the opportunity to succeed, the rest is up to me. Set a daily routine around this. 

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