Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 - Part 4.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 - Part 4.

Three and a half weeks of nonstop laughs is about to take over our fair city with the commencement of the annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival on 27thMarch 2019. It’s down to the wire who are you going to see this year?

Here are some of our favourites; tried and tested to tempt you:


Joel Creasey– Drink. Slay. Repeat

Thursday, 28 March - Sunday 21 April – The Forum 

TV, Eurovision, Mardi Gras, Netflix special – is there anything our Joel can’t do? One thing we know he can do is stand-up. His behind the scene stories, gossip and observations on everyday life is always hilarious. Can’t wait! 

Dilruk Jayasinha – Cheat Days

Thursday, 28 March - Sunday 21 April – Victoria Hotel

Our 2018 Logie award winning best new talent – we’ve known this for a lot longer though! Dilruk has some very funny stories to tell when he’s not busy on our TV screens.


Ben Knight –Big Red

Thursday, 28 March - Sunday 21 April – Trades Hall

This ex school teacher is making his mark on the comedy scene, his previous shows have all been sell outs – there will be stand-up a little singing, laughter and probably a man bun (red of course).


Tash York -Adulting

Thursday, 28 March - Sunday 21 April – Trades Hall

Tash is brash, sassy, witty and has a set of pipes to die for! Her solo cabaret show will be a laugh for anyone who has tried to master adulating and failed. Bring your own chicken nuggets. 

Jude Perl I have a face

Monday, 8 April - Sunday 21 April – The Butterfly Club

Jude is a gorgeous singer/song writer comedian who writes songs about every day observations on life (Jude channels a young Tim Minchin).

Jude has been nominated for the Green Room Award 2019.

Ben Lomas.jpg

Ben Lomas - The Caffeinator Returns

Tuesday, 9 April – Saturday 20 April – Campari House

I always pick a show I have not seen before – this one appeals to me – it’s about my favourite subject coffee! Who’s shouting? (Plus, Ben has been around forever).

And many, many more:

Anne Edmonds, Becky Lucas, Cal Wilson, Charlie Pickering, Dave O’Neill, Dave Thornton, Fiona O’Loughlin, Geraldine Hickey, Josh Earl, Tommy Little, Pete Helliar, Tom Gleeson, Will Anderson, Richard Stubbs, Nath Valvo,  Lano & Woodley, Mel Buttle, Danielle Walker.


A huge thank you to Tracey who volunteered to write the four part articles. We hope you have found a show or two, (or ten like us) from her extensive research. Share the articles with friends to organise some shows and we hope to see you there.

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