Has The Passion Stopped In Your Relationship?

Has The Passion Stopped In Your Relationship?

It doesn’t take very long before the passion begins to run thin in a relationship. Problems, stress, pressures, and arguments are not only a regular part of a relationship, but they also help dim the flame of passion that once burned brightly between two lovers. However, you don’t have to snuff out the candle just yet.


With a few simple tips, you can ignite the sparks and have your love set ablaze once again.

One of the first things that any partner can do is laugh. If you need to get the passion back in your relationship, lighten up, relax and enjoy being together. You enjoyed your partner when you first began dating, and you can enjoy their company again. If you’ve been giving into attitudes such as whining and complaining, nagging, or being angry all the time you should realise that you’ll never get the passion back in your relationship with that type of negativity. Just relax and enjoy your partner. It may take some work, but it will be worth it. You may find that going to a funny movie or seeing a live comedy show is just what is needed to lighten the mood and get back into an enjoyable atmosphere.

Next, you’ll find that if you take the time to be nice to each other, you will start enjoying each other’s company again. Take the time to hang out with each other and enjoy the sunset or a walk in the park or the beach. Relaxing with each other is a great way to open the doors of communication and begin seeing each other on friendly terms again.

Putting the passion back into your relationship.

Throughout long term relationships, it’s a common experience for most couples to undergo transitions as the relationship moves through its different stages. One of the critical areas where this process can become obvious is in the level of sexual desire and passion. For some couples, the stage where they felt passionately attracted to each other may even seem like a distant memory. Somehow, the routine has taken the place of spontaneity, and everything has become entirely predictable. So what happened?

The truth is that the forces of desire and attraction are not consistent. They tend to peak and descend in most relationships. The first, level of desire and passion we feel at the beginning of a relationship plus the sensations that it’s never going to end is one of the strongest illusions we experience. It’s natural for this level of desire to be unsustainable, and eventually, all healthy relationships make a transition from surface passion into loving intimacy – all true relationships achieve intimacy as a right of passage.


One of the strangest things about relationships is that the more you progress into intimacy and feelings of pure love for your partner, the fewer power things such as genuine passion and mindless desire will hold over you. It’s a new stage of the relationship. It’s scientifically proven how chemicals in the brain will change as this is happening from testosterone to oxytocin. You feel deep love more than burning desire; this is the stage most marriages and committed relationships achieve; it’s a step beyond surface level desire.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” - Oprah Winfrey


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