Which Amazing Charity For New Mums Needs Our Help?

Which Amazing Charity For New Mums Needs Our Help?

As a mother of four children, I couldn't imagine what mothers who have nothing go through, which is why St Kilda Mums is an important charity to many.

“St Kilda Mums has a goal to double the number of items we rehome within two years and treble it within four years,” says Jessica.

Speaking with Jessica from St Kilda Mums, she told me how they urgently need our help to find a new dream home by June to continue the group’s vital work providing recycled baby goods to mums and bubs in need.


After six years in its current Vale Street location, St Kilda Mums needs to find new and larger premises. The services it provides are in massive demand from social workers and Maternal and Child Health nurses, which means it has outgrown its current home in St Kilda.

In 2009, its first year of operations, St Kilda Mums supported just under 500 babies and children. Just nine years on, St Kilda Mums provided nursery equipment and clothing to 18,535 babies and children across Victoria last financial year.

“Time is against us, but the search for a new home for St Kilda Mums is well and truly on,” explains St Kilda Mums CEO Jessica Macpherson OAM. “What we need now is the help of the community to raise enough money for the first year’s rent.”

St Kilda Mums continue to offer a unique service, both in terms of delivery and scale. In 2017/18 it rehomed 50,661 items of equipment and clothing, valued at $6,486,517, to families experiencing hardship across the state. In addition to helping families in need, St Kilda Mums also contributes enormously to reducing waste by rehoming items, in addition to substantial cost savings for social service agencies and government.

“We also have a huge focus on regional Victoria, and hope to increase distribution of critical material aid to all 79 Local Government Areas,” Jessica explained.

“But we can only grow and help more families in crisis with more space. After Christmas, we returned to a waitlist for families in need, which is because we no longer have space to either accept or process the volume of items vulnerable families need. The items exist, we just don't have space for them! So let’s do something about that.”

Jessica’s dream of a new home

With their sights set firmly on a new 2,500+ sqm location, Jessica and the team at St Kilda Mums aim to treble their output - three times the number of volunteers means three times the impact.

St Kilda Mums sees workplace teams as a crucial source of volunteers and regrettably every week groups are turned away as there is not enough room for them.

“More space will also provide us with a capacity to accept more volunteering days – a simple and easy win-win,” says Jessica.

More volunteer power will enable the organisation to rehome more items, such as kid’s clothing to size 16 (due to current space clothing has been limited to size 12), to ensure all school aged kids are catered for.

St Kilda Mums needs monetary donations of $250,000 to help pay for the first year’s rent, utilities and fit out for the new premises.

You can help St Kilda Mums with a donation to the Dream Home appeal today.

Please donate if you can and share this article to others so St Kilda Mums can continue their excellent work.


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