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The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Polyester.

The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Polyester.

It has shocked me how many websites have people promoting items that look good but are also seriously cheap and don’t stand the test of time. 


What is the catch?  

Almost everything on these sites is 100% polyester.  

My gorgeous friend and amazing stylist, Helen Robinett, sums up what the problem is with polyester below with the good, bad and ugly.

The Good:  Polyester is durable, both dry and wet.  It is considered to be easy-care since it can be washed, dried quickly, and resists wrinkling.  It holds up well in use because it has high resistance to stretching, shrinking, most chemicals, abrasion, mildew and moths.

Polyester could be called the tofu of manufactured fibres since its appearance takes on many forms.  Depending upon the actual manufacturing process, polyester can resemble silk, cotton, linen or wool.  When blended with other fibres, polyester takes on even more forms, combining the good qualities of each contributing fibre.

The Bad:  The polyester fibre is plastic, which means it does not breathe.  Not the best characteristic, given how close it is to your skin.  Add menopause to the mix, and you have a ticking time bomb ready to erupt into a hot, sweaty mess!  It does not stretch either, which is not so comfortable for the woman on the move.

The Ugly:  How do they make it?  Often the production of polyester uses harmful chemicals, including carcinogens, which if emitted to water and air untreated can cause significant environmental damage.  Not something we think about before making a cheap purchase, but we should. The more synthetic clothing you wear like cheap polyester, the higher your risk of absorbing toxic chemicals. 

The website marketing is pure genius.  Clever photography and presentation make the garments look fantastic online.  They also look good on the mannequin in the store.  So you make a purchase.  Feeling clever, you are convinced you have just nabbed a bargain and it soon arrives on your doorstep.  Unfortunately, your purchase becomes expensive when we deploy the cost per wear principle.  You wear it once.  You overheat and get a bit smelly. You are not all feeling comfortable or confident, let alone glamorous.  It goes back in your wardrobe never to appear again.

You just wasted your money.

But there is good news…..

 Our team at Cazinc The Label has discovered there are cheap polyester fabrics, designed for fast fashion, and there are some beautiful, breathable polyesters that we see at high-end fashion (which are the only ones we ever use on the rare occasion we need a touch of polyester).

Polyester is sometimes needed in fabrics to give it structure.  Natural fibres are often soft, so the polyester component provides the material with a stiffer element, which is the polyester we use in our faux furs, faux leather and gorgeous Japanese Woven Polyester lining. All of which are not only breathable and durable to stand stand the test of time, they are also sustainable and ethical.

How to know if the polyester is cheap or sound quality?

You can often know by the feel, texture, the look and price, or where it is made.  Cheap polyester will pill if it is low quality and can be easily sun bleached.  Cheap polyester will cause you to sweat, which is especially uncomfortable for women who are going through menopause.

Please avoid cheap polyester at all times.  Not only is it unethical and unsustainable, but it is also harmful to your environment, your health and your bank balance because at the end of the day you are better off investing in fewer stylish items that stand the test of time, items that will last and will make you look and feel fabulous, every day.

Thank you Helen for allowing us to share your information.

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