Why Is It Essential To Use A Buyers Advocate With Property Purchase?

Why Is It Essential To Use A Buyers Advocate With Property Purchase?

Having a Buyer’s Agent is about having an unbiased professional on your side, who will tell you when you should pursue a property and when you should walk away.


An experienced and qualified Buyers Advocate will work with both home buyers and investors and generally offer two primary services. 

The first service is known as “Assess & Negotiate," which is where you engage the Buyer’s Agent to look at a property you have already found, assess it on its merits and price and then negotiate for you either at auction or in a private sale situation with the agent. 

The second service is known as “Complete Buyer Advocacy Package'" where the where the Buyer’s Agent will do all the research, analyse the demographics and statistical data of that location, be well versed on the local market, inspect the property, determine its value and then negotiate on your behalf.

A qualified and experienced Buyers Advocate or Agent should:

•    Assess the property, make comparisons to other sales and be able to give you an informed and educated indication of price.

•    Save you time, hassle, distress and frustration in researching and inspecting properties.

•    Save you the guesswork on knowing what to pay for a property. 

•    Have extensive experience in and of the Melbourne market.

•    Have worked in many different property cycles and know what types of properties sell well or should be avoided in an area.

•    Understand and listen to your needs and your brief, i.e. capital growth, rental yield, secure family home, safe neighbourhood.

A good Buyer’s Advocate will give you peace of mind and free up your time so can get on with other aspects of your life, like work, family or running a business and that is precisely what Real Asset Property Group do. 

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Melinda Walker and John Paul Mitilineos lead Real Asset Property Group. They are fully licensed, have over 25 years of being in real estate, have worked in several Melbourne property cycles and seen many fluctuations. They have been on both sides of the negotiating table on many occasions.

Where Real Asset Property Group differs is they don’t rush into buying you just any property. Instead, they take their time, narrow down the search to suburb, location, street and even the section of the road you should buy in or avoid because they know that buying property is a long-term investment and not a short-term one.  They don't allow you to make costly mistakes.  A little investment in their services will not only make your investment more profitable in the long run, but you will also have peace of mind you haven't purchased a lemon.

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