7 Simple Home Styling Tips When Selling

7 Simple Home Styling Tips When Selling

When selling your home it is always to your benefit to add some extra style and grace throughout your house to attract home buyers.  They need to imagine that they can see themselves living in what is now your home, but could be theirs.  Styling your home is an important, but sometimes overlooked, part of selling that can make the difference between an average price and a great price. 


With so many options available in so many stores at various price points, you can make many improvements and add some little extra little touches without having to spend a fortune.  But there is a lot you can do to spruce up the appearance of your home without spending a cent.

Here are our top seven tips to style your home for sale that won't cost you the earth and may be enough to add the extra value for your sale.

From the front gate to the back fence, put yourself in the eyes of the buyer.

What would put you off and what would appeal to you? 



Start at the front of the house and walk through each room and ask yourself what can be removed, tidied up or re-arranged to create the illusion of more space?  Remember, less is more and you want each room to look more open and spacious. Think of glossy magazine pictures of interiors – they are very light and uncluttered, just with key pieces and things that are useful or sentimental displayed.


Spring Clean

Remove all cobwebs, inside or out. Both cobwebs or excess junk could be viewed as sign of neglect of the property and people may be turned off, resulting in less interest. 


Windows and Walls

Make sure windows are clean inside and outside, ensuring there is a clear view in and a clear view out. Open up all curtains and blinds. Clean window ledges and pelmets so they are spotless and free of dust and grime.  Clean of dirty finger prints off walls, especially around light switches and doorhandles. Clean kitchen cupboards and drawer fronts.



Take off the covers of all light fittings and give them a thorough clean. Make sure all light globes are working.  Fix any broken lights and replace bulbs that don't give off the correct lighting.  Consider adding some slightly more ornate lights to give the home a sense of elegance. There are many to choose from that won’t break the bank. 



To create an atmosphere of homeliness, add some gentle, soft music, nice subtle smells and fresh flowers.  Ensure your carpets are shampooed and smell fresh.  If it is a hot day, turn the air conditioner on and if it is cold, put the heater on to create a sense of comfort for your potential buyers. 



Mow the lawns on a higher setting, so the grass looks lush.  Trim bushes and edges, weed the garden beds and add mulch if necessary.  Add a beautiful outdoor setting and some new pot plants.  High-pressure clean the driveway and concrete pathways. 


Cars, Bikes and Boats

Just because you may have the space for it, you don’t need to park every possible vehicle in your driveway or on your front lawn. Think about how this looks from the buyer’s point of view and remove all vehicles. 


Written by Melinda Walker of Real Asset Property Group.

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Melinda Walker and John Paul Mitilineos lead real Asset Property Group. They are fully licensed, have over 25 plus years of being in real estate, have worked in several Melbourne property cycles and seen many fluctuations as well they have been on both sides of the negotiating table on many occasions.

Where Real Asset Property Group differs is they don’t rush into buying you just any property. Instead, they take their time, narrow down the search to suburb, location, street and even the section of the road you should buy in or avoid because they know that buying property is a long-term investment and not a short-term one.  They don't allow you to make costly mistakes.  A little investment in their services will not only make your investment more profitable in the long run, but you will also have peace of mind you haven't purchased a lemon.

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