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How To Maintain A Healthy Sexual Relationship As You Age

How To Maintain A Healthy Sexual Relationship As You Age

Intimacy with your partner is a crucial part of any relationship whether you are in your 20's or 60's.  A lack of intimacy can cause severe strain in any relationship and may cause couples to lose interest in each other.  So, we ask the question:


Can you continue to have a fulfilling sex life as you mature?

The answer is “Yes”!



Below are some tips that can help you age gracefully, sexually: 

1.    Accept the Changes

Ok, we might not have the bodies we had in our 20’s, especially women who have given birth to children.  Rather than being turned off by the changes, instead welcome them together and ensure you let your partner know how much you love the changes.  

2.    Maintain Health

Enjoy maintaining health by eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and adding exercise into your regime.  This will build your confidence, which is a prime sexual booster.  Strive to be healthy and feel great in your own skin.

3.    Break up the Routine

Routines are great for everyday life, but when it comes to sex it can become boring or a chore.  A simple change in your routine can kick start your sex life back into gear and make things exciting again.  Rather than eating at home, dress up so you feel fabulous and go out for a date night together.  Or set the mood at home with a romantic dinner.  Turn off the television and talk together over a glass of wine.  Anything to break up the routine.

4.    Boost up your Foreplay (inside and out of the bedroom)


The act of intercourse can be exhausting, and you might not have the stamina or flexibility of a 30-year-old.  But understanding that intercourse in not the only way to achieve sexual intimacy with your partner is important.  Kissing, hugging, massaging and focusing all your attention on your partner are other forms of intimacy you can enjoy.

5. Communicate Your Changing Sexual Needs

Over the years, you will have found your relationship has changed and matured. You are not the 20-year-olds who want to jump into bed together at every waking moment, however age does not have to affect your sexual responses and those of your partner.  

Ageing can make your body require more stimulation to feel aroused. Likewise, it may take longer stimulation to get in the mood.  Knowing what clicks for your body and your partner is crucial in communicating your sexual needs to each other.  

6. Have Fun!

Continue to laugh and play together.  You might be older in age, but it doesn’t mean we have to grow up!

What do you and your partner do to maintain a healthy sexual relationship as you age?

Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.


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