Melbourne International Comedy Festival Fav's For 2018.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Fav's For 2018.

My gorgeous sister-in-law Rosie and I with some fabulous guys at Joel Creasey's show 2017.

My gorgeous sister-in-law Rosie and I with some fabulous guys at Joel Creasey's show 2017.

March and April are always a favourite time of year for the Rowland family as we all love the Comedy Festival. We are sad because it is the end of the summer season, but the Comedy Festival is a fabulous way to cheer us up leading into the colder weather.  Often many of the male gender in our family think they are comedians with the pranks they pull at home and I am sure they do some serious study during the festival.

My other comedy festival partner in crime,  Tracey is going to be "missing in action" for most of the festival, but we hope to make a show or two together again.  

If you are going with your family this year, it is good to remember Tracey's tip from her article last year:

Tip:  if you are taking your teen to any adult shows just double check the venue is not a licensed venue that doesn’t allow under 18’s - some will allow it.

Like the French Film Festival, this year many of our favourite comedians are back, including the long-awaited return of the dynamic duo "Lano and Woodley."

March 28th will be here before you know it, so here are the Rowland family's top five shows for you to enjoy.

1. Lano and Woodley – Fly

While working at the Collingwood Leisure Centre in the early '90's, I had the pleasure to meet this crazy, skinny guy wearing Dunlop Volleys,  who made me laugh every time he came in to work out.  Next thing I saw him on "Hey, Hey, It's Saturday" - my Frank from CLC was the one and only Frank Woodley.

My children loved the Lano and Woodley television series and can refer to them word by word.  It is like they have their own language, one that their friends don't understand.  Crazy Rowland kids moment #587,999!

Anyway every year we see Frank, and this year we are thrilled to see him back with Lano in what is built up to be a comedy winner with Fly.

Buy tickets here.

Here is a classic Lano and Woodley in 1996 on Hey, Hey, It's Saturday.

2. Joel Creasy – Blonde Bombshell

The 2017 festival was the first time I saw Joel Creasy's show.  Tracey booked the tickets for us and OMG - from the time Joel walked onto the stage I was instantly in love with the gorgeous, OTT, outstandingly fabulous and funny guy.  So good that I came home and instantly booked tickets for Simon, my brother Clint and wife Rosie (see image above), and I to see the show again.

His stories of his time in the jungle, at Eurovision and being Joan Rivers protégé are hilarious.  I am excited to hear about how he played a "slut" on Neighbours this year!

But be warned: as Joel's rule always stands... anyone not in the room... is a target!

Buy Tickets Here.

Joel at the 2017 Melbourne Gala Festival.

3. Sammy J – Hero Complex

Sammy J has returned this year with his huge hit from 2017 - Hero Complex.  This show, about Sammy's school days experience through to today, was brilliant the way it all came together in the end.  One we will be returning to see again this year.

Buy tickets here.

Enjoy one of Sammy J's songs from the 2017 Gala Festival.

4. Randy - Randy's Anti-Crisis

Tracey, some of our children and I enjoying a chat with Sammy J and Randy a few years ago.

Tracey, some of our children and I enjoying a chat with Sammy J and Randy a few years ago.

Our favourite naughty purple puppet Randy (and one half of the "skinny man/felt face duo" Sammy J) is one not to miss. For years we have loved and laughed with Randy and looking at the reviews for this show, which has won many awards, I'm sure you will come away with face-ache.

Randy is funny with his shows and even funnier when he adds his "ad-lib" sections.  Australian born Randy, known as the felt face, ping-pong-ball-eyed puppet and the "small Asian man", live in the country town of Lancefield, Victoria, near the Macedon Ranges where we are from.  He often spoke to my children about the area.  

Buy tickets here.

5. Kitty Flanagan - Smashing

Always a favourite of ours, but as the tip above states, this is one for the adults to enjoy a night out together.  Simon and I always fit in a Kitty show with her number one fan, Ivan (who usually tells me all the jokes before we go as he has often seen the show already!).

This year Kitty educates us on love songs, sex, algorithms, chimps, clowns and psychics – everything is getting 'smashed'.

Laugh along with Kitty at the 2017 Allstars Supershow below.

Buy tickets here.

Other shows we recommend are:

Akmal - Transparent

Almost Lesbians

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott

Rose Callaghan - No Way Rosé

Clara Cupcakes - Whom

Simon Hughes Man vs Meth: Refined & Uncut

George Glass Comedy Scientology The Musical

Which comedy shows do you and your family love?  Are you going to any shows this year?

For more information on tickets and "tight arse Tuesdays" - read Tracey's review of the 2017 Comedy Festival here.


Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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