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Professional Vs Supermarket Skin Care Products

Professional Vs Supermarket Skin Care Products

I was chatting with my wonderful skin therapist, Narelle Hogan from Evoke in Gisborne, over coffee last week when I asked her the question, one that many women ask:

“What is the difference between professional and supermarket skin care products?”

Narelle kindly said she would write an article for us.  

A skin care professional does not recommend products available in the supermarket as they are low on active ingredients and designed for general care only. Supermarket brands don’t have the power to actively correct targeted skin concerns to reverse the symptoms of ageing, pigmentation, acne or chronic irritation. Although many supermarket products may contain some of the same ingredients boasted by clinical and professional counterparts, the percentage is too low to provide any long-lasting or skin-correcting effect.

Cosmeceuticals that are professionally recommended by a professional skin therapist or physician have a much higher amount of active ingredients with proven and safe formulations. They offer delivery systems that reach targeted cells in the skin to give noticeable results. 

Supermarket products often smell and feel beautiful because they are loaded with artificial fragrance and contain high levels of silicone.  Please don’t waste your money on something that just sits on the surface of your skin and has no functionality to improve the health of your skin.

Supermarket and store-bought products spend millions on advertising campaigns and fancy packaging which leads to increased prices and an inferior product that contains cheap 'fillers'. Brands such as DMK paramedical skin care have very plain packaging and spend their money on sourcing only the BEST of ingredients from all over the world.

Always speak to your skin therapist to ensure you are purchasing the right products to suit your skin type.  Buying skincare is like buying clothes, purchase less, but purchase the best!  Less is more, and using ingredients that your skin can recognise to allow it to function more efficiently, such as amino acids, lipids and minerals, Vitamin C, A, beta glucan, AHAS,  etc. rather than silicone and perfume. 


With advanced technology and scientifically proven results they absorb through the skin to the dermal level allowing actual structural changes; you can turn back the clock!




"If I only started looking after my skin the right way, early on...'' is something I hear all the time from my clients. Most of them have tried everything and wasted time and money with no results. I love seeing my clients faces light up when they talk to me about how happy they are and how much difference they and their friends can notice!

We are changing skin and changing lives!

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Narelle Hogan has been a therapist for 23 years and now the owner/director of Evoke - Gisborne.  She loves to have the ability to implement new and exciting treatments and has a passion for skin therapy.  Narelle has a passion for helping people.  She loves being a part of their skin journey, assisting them to reach their goals, which makes Narelle and her team head and shoulders above the rest.


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