Valentines Day Gifts and Ideas For Romantic Couples

Valentines Day Gifts and Ideas For Romantic Couples


We know Valentine's day is initially an American idea, but hey, who cares?  To us, Valentine's day is a special day to say I love you even more than you do every other day.

Are you having trouble thinking of the right Valentine's gift for your gorgeous partner?  

Have you planned what to do and where to go for the romantic evening on Valentine's day?

Well, if you already have something in mind, fabulous news, but I guess plenty of people out there (especially guys??) are having a hard time.  I am sure that for most of us, we have been giving little gifts here and there and all the romantic ideas and gifts seem to run out. 

Our team have collaborated together to share with you our favourite gifts or ideas for Valentines day.  Here are our top 8 ideas, starting at 8 and heading down to number 1  to help you create a romantic and memorable Valentine's Day together.

Number 8 - A Show You Will Both Love

So funny, I gifted Simon tickets to "The Book Of Mormon" last year - he was disappointed as he thought I was gifting him tickets to the Grand Prix!!  But we enjoyed the show and a beautiful night out together.

Check out online what is playing in the coming months and see if there is something you both will love.  What's On Live or The Arts Centre are a couple I regularly use.

Number 7 - Fun Pyjamas

Life's too short for boring pyjamas!  One style we love is Peter Alexander.  They have some fun pyjamas and boxer shorts for couples.  A cute gift to give to your partner, Peter Alexander has fun, vibrant PJ sets and onesies in loveable prints will make your bedtime together fun.

Number 6 - Champagne

Champagne indicates a celebration. If you are sipping from a flute of champagne, chances are that you are experiencing one of life’s happy moments, especially Valentine's Day. 

“I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not” – Coco Chanel

Lay rose petals all the way from your doorsteps to the bedroom to form a grand welcome while you lie in bed waiting for their arrivals. Prepare champagne beside the bed to enjoy.

Number 5 - Romantic Movies

What is your partners favourite romantic movies?  Go into your DVD set and pull out their favourite to wrap up as a gift, or purchase from the list below.  Maybe gift with some chocolates (see below) and champagne to enjoy together!  

The Notebook, Titanic, Love Story, Sleepless In Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail and  Pretty Woman are some of our favourites.

Number 4 - Candle Light Dinner 


You may think this is to tradition, but everyone loves a romantic candlelit dinner.  If you love to cook like we do, why not make your partner dinner?  You don't have to be a MasterChef.  It's the effort and sweat that you put in and show that counts!

If you have a pool, a great idea is to set up a romantic dinner outside and add special lights or candles around the pool.

Number 3 - Baci Perugina Chocolate

Nothing speaks romance more than Baci  (the Italian word for kisses)  Perugina chocolates, and one of Simon and my favourite chocolates to share together and read the little message of love inside.  Perfect for saying "I love you" the Italian way.  (I loved it when I found out Simon had kept all our Baci Peruugina chocolate messages.)

Baci Perugina chocolate has a romantic love story I would love to share with you that started in 1922 - Perugia, a medieval city in the heart of Italy.  It all began when Luisa Spagnoli, a young chocolate maker, created a unique bonbon for her beloved. The confection, initially called cazzotto (punch) because its shape evokes a fist, was wrapped in a billet-doux, the love note that still today makes Baci Perugina different today. Everything about it was perfect but the name. It was as exquisite and sweet as a kiss, a bacio, in Italian. And so Bacio Perugina became its name. 

Number 2 - A Warm, Fragrant Spa Bath 

Enjoy a romantic spa or bath with your partner.  Nothing is more intimate than enjoying this time together, soaked in nothing but warm water, maybe some rose petals or a beautiful smelling bath bomb, which is a great gift idea.  Light some gorgeous candles, play some soothing music and enjoy your time relaxing together.

Number 1 - Our Favourite - Their Dreams

What's the Number 1 thing that your loved ones love and dream of in a relationship? It's up to you to find out without letting them know.  Romance is not about the money or the gifts.  It's about the effort, the time that you put in to love your partner that our team thinks will genuinely give more love and happiness to the relationship.  

Cheers to couples loving each other more, spending time together and making their relationships fun.

Carolyn Rowland has been a relationship therapist and coach for over seven years, working with many couples to produce happier relationships.  She now shares many of these ideas, real stories, and information for you on her daily blog.  Stay tuned for the very exciting news that Carolyn has a book, written predominately for men on relationships to be released soon.  Why for men, because the new book is based on Caz's real life experiences with her clients and what she realised is that men were the ones who needed help.

What others are saying about the book:

"The book is sensational. I have never read such down to earth correct observations and directions.  So proud of you taking the time to write this for men. It will make a much difference for us men and our relationships." - Michael.

Check out our other dating articles in the "relationship" section of Cazinc Blog.

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Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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