The #1 Transeasonal Dress For Your Wardrobe.

The #1 Transeasonal Dress For Your Wardrobe.

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Over the past 15 years that I have been styling clients and one of the most popular dresses they have chosen to wear is the gorgeous empire line dress.   99%  of women loved how this dress made them look and feel.

Looking and feeling stylish is all about creating an illusion.  We can make ourselves appear taller, shorter, curvier and slimmer.  Empire line dresses are fabulous for illusion dressing because the emphasis is on your upper body.   This means that the focal point of the dress is up around your bust area, creating the illusion of you appearing taller.

The dress also has a horizontal line just under the bust, then flows down to the hemline, creating the illusion of longer legs.  Most women want to achieve an hourglass figure and most empire line dresses emphasise this silhouette.

So unless you are seven foot tall with six foot long legs, this style will more than likely not only suit you, but will make you feel fabulous, tall and with lengthier legs!

Different styles of Empire Line dresses.

Different styles of Empire Line dresses.

Interestingly,  it’s been a challenge to get women in their 40’s plus to trust me when I say how flattering the style is and to try an empire line dress on.  There is a misconception that they will look ‘dowdy’ and they are shocked when they see their beautiful silhouette, which often has been hidden under loose clothing.

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Although the style dates back to the late 1700s, the name ‘empire line’ dress refers back to the period of the early 1800s when Napoleon was Emperor and his first Empress was influential in popularizing the style around Europe and even across to England.

Then, it was both flattering and a way for women to support their bust, almost like an 18th-century bra.  And to this day you can maintain extra support if you are a busty woman (like moi) wearing this dress.


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The dress I have been wearing all summer, (I have three, one each in black, white and navy), is this gorgeous dress from DEA - only $99.00

I wear a strapless bra from Bras N Things (I found one that is comfortable even though I’m a DD), throw on my shoes, accessories, jacket or jumper if needed and I’m out the door with no fuss and feeling fabulous.

Easy, effortless, stylish and creating the illusion of long legs, no wonder empire line dresses are a hit. 


The dress is effortless to style as you throw it on with a pair of shoes, essential accessories and you are out the door ready to rock your day.  No mixing or matching. Plus, it is a tran-seasonal dress to lead you into winter. Just throw on a jacket or try the new trend of wearing a jumper over the top.  You will love it as much as I do!

Wear over your pants for another style.   Image

Wear over your pants for another style.



Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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