6 Ways To Create An Intimate Mood In Your Bedroom

6 Ways To Create An Intimate Mood In Your Bedroom

It's time to get excited over your bedroom.

It's time to get excited over your bedroom.

Your bedroom is one of the essential rooms in your home because it is your intimacy room.  It is the one room which you spend many hours of your day with your partner.

Your bedroom is a place to escape life (especially when you have children) and a place to create children!  It is a room for you to relax so it needs to be tranquil and a room to be loved.

1. Furniture


Furniture is the main priority of your room. The size and style of the furniture you choose will directly affect the way space is viewed.  Furniture pieces, such as dressing tables, wardrobes, cabinets, form the face of the walls. Because of this, the front of the furniture is a significant factor in creating the mood you want to achieve with your bedroom.  Your mood might be romantic or modern.  Try creating a flow around your bedroom with your theme.

2. Colour

pink bed.jpg

Color has a direct effect on human mind. Color can make the room smaller or bigger than it is. For example, dark rooms can perceive to be smaller than those with bright and cheerful colours.  So if you love dark colours and have wanted your room to appear larger, then add colour with your accessories, or design a feature wall with the colour you like.  I love white as it is a fresh and clean colour to begin the colour palette, then I accessorise with the colours I enjoy.  

The colour that remains in vogue this season is pink.  

3. Wallpapers 

The 1960's fashion hit of wallpaper is enormous again.  This doesn't mean we have to go all retro with black, white and orange, but hey, if this is what you love, why not?  Wallpaper is an excellent alternative to using paints on walls. The most significant advantage of using wallpapers is that they can be applied quickly. 
Using wallpapers with design patterns can quickly alter space and give a "rich" look to your room.  

4. Accessories


Upholstery and Linen include bed sheets and covers, cushions, curtains, carpets, etc. All these are dependent on something else. What does this mean? 
Curtains are always in association with doors, windows or other openings in walls. The texture/colour/finish of curtains define a frame thus affecting the mood of your interior space. 
Much to my husband's horror (and he has great pleasure in throwing them off the bed at night) is my love of cushions.  Cushions create a vision of relaxation and visually somewhere you want to snuggle in.  A secret is to purchase your cushions after your artwork.  It is easier to match cushions to art than art to cushions.

5. Lighting


A well planned electrical and lighting plan can enhance the intimate mood you want to create in your bedroom. 
Lamps, such as study tables, bedsides, or a floor lamp are perfect for romantic lighting. Add lamps as hangings to add a romantic mood to your space.   And remember, you don't have to match both sides (as per image), place different lamps on either side of your bed for a different style.

6. Mixing High End And Low End

Use a touch of creative thinking when planning your bedroom design.  Like your wardrobe, mix and match high-end products with products from places like Ikea and K-mart.  Many friends have been blown away by what I have purchased from these stores.  


Oh, one thing we never have in the bedroom and never will (hey, I am a relationship coach) is a tv.  Your relationship doesn't need this distraction.


I hope this article was helpful for everyone.

Sweet dreams.

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