Why Gucci Is The Hottest Label Around?

Why Gucci Is The Hottest Label Around?

Since 2015 we have observed the rise and rise of the standout brand Gucci.  In the fashion industry, we often see house-swaps and revamps, but it has been a long time that we have witnessed success like the new house of Gucci.

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The formerly tired Italian house of Gucci has become the "it" brand in 2015 when they appointed á la Alessandro Michelle as the creative director, moving into the role after years of working behind the scenes with the former creative chief, Frida Giannini.

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Michele made his debut with womenswear in Milan, February 2015, a collection that made the cover of all the fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire, among other prominent publications.   So many that according to many industry reports recorded that Gucci landed the most magazine covers for 2016.

Michele hasn't only designed showpieces, everyone from celebrities, bloggers, fashionistas on the street, buyers and editors are lusting after his designs, which are flying from the runway to magazine covers to the streets of Paris, New York, Milan, London and now Melbourne and Sydney.  The demand for Michele's Gucci designs is enormous.

But it hasn't all been smooth sailing for the house.

After years of disappointing growth for the Italian house, the press had a field day when both Giannini and her real-life partner and Gucci CEO, Patrizio di Marco were outed, followed with the former creative director, Frida Giannini.

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Even though the press wasn't what the designer house wanted, it did sell magazines, which created a sense of excitement that flowed through to Michele's success. 

Gucci has also become celebrities new go-to brand as it is the hottest brand around.  Photos of celebs wearing Gucci go viral when they wear it, not only on the internet but on Instagram and Pinterest.  

Gucci has a brilliant business model when working with celebs.  Who can forget the moment Lady Gaga stepped out for the Super Bowl in custom Gucci, or Harry Styles at the American Music Awards, or our own Cate Blancett at the Spirit Awards and Nicole Kidman at the SAG awards?


“Products themselves require investment. They are not cheap. Consumers have to believe they will hold their meaning over time. And the meaning is created by the designer.”  

- Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic at The New York Times

The above statement is undoubtedly true, but in Gucci's case, with Giannini’s ouster and new life after Michele’s appointment has put Gucci back on the map all over the world.  Gucci has certainly given other brands, including Italian brand, Prada, a run for their money with consumers buying a lot more Gucci than ever before.

The Italian Designer House of Gucci is another success story, showing nothing is ever too old for a shakeup and everyone can re-invent themselves, no matter what age.

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