From Rock Bottom To Realising You Have Endless Opportunities.

From Rock Bottom To Realising You Have Endless Opportunities.

Another brilliant guy I have had the pleasure to meet via the blog is Matt Collins, who holds his Coffee Chats, many of which I have shared over the past two years.  Matt just celebrated his 350th Coffee Chat and has shared his story of how far he has come from rock bottom, and five things he has learnt from the 350 episodes.  

Every week over a cup of coffee he interviews high-profile sportspeople, artists and performers and also shares the extraordinary stories of an eclectic mix of everyday people.

“I like conversations that challenge me, inspire me and make me think – and I like coffee, so it is a perfect combination,” 
- Matt Collins.

Here's Matt.

Without sounding too cheesy, I’ve come a long way since starting this ‘Coffee Chats’ journey.

Two years ago, I had no job, no money and a 20-year-old car. But regardless of all that, there is something quite motivating when you are at rock bottom.

You realise you have endless opportunities. The only way is up. 

I was committed to my new life as a talk show host and although I was clueless as to how I was going to get there, I wasn’t deterred.  My first recorded conversation was outside a public toilet block so that I could access the nearby library’s Wi-Fi.

And now, after only two short years, I am making in-roads towards my goals.  I have a full-time gig as a journalist, a weekly radio show and a podcast which goes out to over fifty countries.  I’ve also chatted to some of the most remarkable and well-known people in the country (and beyond).  Just in the past week, I have chatted with a prison escapee, a Catholic priest, a celebrity chef and a founding member of Hi-5.

So, after 350 episodes, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to take a step back and have a look at some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the journey thus far.

Here are the top five things I’ve learnt after 350 episodes.

1. The best way to do something is to keep doing it.

Consistency is the key to anything.  I don’t care who you are, just keep turning up. Regardless of the results you are getting, just keep turning up.  I’ve beaten a lot of people who have significantly more talent than me just because I persevered longer than they did.

2. I see the world through my own eyes and my own past experiences. 

The way I see the world is rarely the same world anyone else sees.  I’ve learnt more by trying to understand other people’s worlds rather than trying to get them to understand mine.

3. This journey I am on is not just my journey. 

There are plenty of people who are affected by the choices I make.  I have to keep that in mind and communicate with them regularly.

4. Everybody has a story, be respectful of that. 

I live in my body 24 hours a day. I can’t possibly understand what is going on for someone else after spending five minutes with them.  I try to live by the phrase, ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood.’

5. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong.

I make a lot of mistakes — a lot.  I’m not embarrassed by errors.  In fact, quite the contrary. I’m proud of my mistakes.  I’ve gotten further than a lot of other people who seemed to be too proud to let people know they were wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with being wrong.

So, there are five things I’ve learnt on this journey so far.

There are another hundred or more lessons I could have added. 

I appreciate you reading through to the end and more importantly, I am incredibly grateful to those of you who continue to listen to the show.

You could be doing anything you want anywhere in the world, but you choose to listen to my show, and for that I’m am humbled and eternally grateful 😀❤️☕️🎙

If you are a ‘Coffee Chats’ virgin, I invite you to have a listen to one or two of our hundreds of my coffee chats here:

If you ask Matt about himself, this is the answer:

“Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.” - hopefully I can have a coffee chat with Matt next year about my journey via blogging to fashion designer. I can relate to Matt’s journey, especially about the mistakes, and I certainly have learnt a lot from them over my two year journey.

Thank you Matt for sharing. I love listening to your chats while walking my dog Phoebe around the park. You ask all the right questions, you are patient and I laugh and cry along the way.

And a huge thank you to everyone for your support over the past 2 years. Cazinc Blog will grow more next year, with the launch of Cazinc The Label, and the remarkable people I am blessed to meet, like Matt.


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