Rekindle The Passion In Your Relationship

Rekindle The Passion In Your Relationship

Occasionally relationships seem to lose the spark, with the fire snuffed out by the stresses of work, kids and family life.  You and your partner may have gone from being lovers and best friends to business partners and professional kid chauffeurs.  Bring your relationship back to its roots by rekindling the flame. 


Here are some ways to put the spark back into your relationship.

1.    Communication

Speak to your partner about the idea of rekindling the passionate side of your relationship.  Be sure to address the issue as a joint project you will both work on, rather than approaching the subject like an accusation.  Your partner may be experiencing troubles with increased stress, health issues or life changes that affect their mood and sex drive.  

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2. Just The Two of You

Make time for each other.  Examine your schedules for moments when you can spend time together.  Maybe you can have lunch together or come home from work every now and then, or ask your parents to watch the kids for a weekend.  Schedule time for each other into your calendars each week and soon it will become easy.

3. Shake Up Your Routine

Often, relationships lose their passion over time as each partner settles into their roles as mother, father, housewife, breadwinner, etc.  Try to shake up the routine by cooking new recipes together, or playing cards or board games, go for a walk, or sit on the couch and talk rather than watching television.  Trying new things and spending time together will bring you and your partner closer and remind you of the reasons you fell in love in the first place.


4. Take Time Out

Sometimes the clamour of everyday life is too much to make time for each other during the week and you both need a break to reconnect.  Planning a trip together will remind you both of what the other loves to do, and what attracted you to them in the first place.  Your break doesn’t need to be extravagant; you can even leave the kids at your parents’ house or with close friends and run away together to your own home with similar results, as long as you both unplug from work and make the time about your relationship and nothing else.

If you are interested in rediscovering your passion for each other, but your partner insists your relationship is ok the way it is, deeper issues may need to be addressed with professional help. 

Carolyn (Caz) Rowland is a fashion designer, model, lifestyle blogger and professional Image Stylist. Caz is also a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching.  Caz is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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