Developing Your Sense Of Humour

Developing Your Sense Of Humour

Make every day more fun

Who doesn’t admire a sense of humour?

Who wouldn’t be attracted to someone who knows how to laugh?


Every day we engage in conversations with people and often we find the ones that have an element of humour the most enjoyable and memorable.  Did you realise these conversations are one way we tend to subconsciously categorise our friends and colleagues?  

We have those we always want to be in the company of and others we reach out to only when we think they alone can help us in certain situations. Have you ever asked yourself why this happens?  Have you ever wondered how we become attracted to a particular person and not to others?  I know some friends that can make my day whenever I’m down, sad or bored and I don’t hesitate to call them.  Their sense of humour lifts my mood and brings laughter into the air.  Even when they don’t offer a permanent solution to any problem, they know how to make it lighter and make me feel happier.

Someone who has a unique but funny way of encouraging us and making us feel comfortable no matter the circumstances is what partners in relationships and friends often love the most.  A sense of humour enables you to make jokes out of certain situations and conversations in a manner that is fascinating and welcomed.  A sense of humour is able to make people smile and make them feel a bit of happiness even in difficult circumstances.  A good sense of humour makes you more likeable and attractive.  With a good sense of humour, you can keep anyone engaged in a conversation and they will never get tired of chatting with you.  

But being funny or acting funny isn’t always the same as having a good sense of humour.  It may be impossible to find someone who has a good sense of humour that isn’t funny, but you can always find a funny person without a sense of humour.  Have you ever tried to be funny but ended up embarrassed with a negative reaction from someone you are interested in?  A sense of humour is more subtle and engaging than just trying to be “funny.”  An essential part of the “fun” is to know where and when it’s needed or expected from you and this is why many consider those who have a sense of humour to be intelligent – they reason that they must be if they can quickly come in with a joke or humour as a conversation happens!


How do you develop a sense of humour?

The good news is that just about everyone has a sense of humour, although not everyone has learnt the skill of using it.  If you wish you had a more developed sense of how to use humour in conversations, learn from the experts that you admire in your social circle.  You could try asking them how they do it, but many will have trouble explaining.  Instead, take mental notes next time you are with them and think about what makes them fun to hang out with.  Is it that they are knowledgeable on many topics but can always add something funny in, or make a funny observation?  Do they remember jokes and deliver the punch line expertly?   You will probably notice that people with a true sense of humour don’t use it to make fun of people in the group in a way that embarrasses them either; they make you laugh with people, not at them.

Over my fifteen years of working as a stylist/therapist, I can say that my sense of humour has developed tremendously over this time.  As I continued to meet new people each day and interact with them, I found more reasons to work on my sense of humour and to use it to create an even better relationship with my family, friends and blog readers.  

If you’re wondering how you can improve your sense of humour, here are some tips:

1. Learn To Listen

One characteristic of people with a good sense of humour is their ability to listen to others during conversations.  Because they listen and pick up the details, they know when to throw a joke or funny observation into the discussion.  

2. Be Observant

Learn to observe the absurdities in your conversations and around the environment where you’re having that conversation.  This will give you plenty of things to be humorous about. 

3. Ask Weird Questions

Pick up a part in your conversation that’s of interest to you and ask weird questions about it.  Learn to ask unexpected questions that makes a whole different, reasonable but funny, meaning.  You could also generate a new topic of interest and conversations from them. 

4. Think Differently

You have to see things from a different point of view.  This means that you have to think differently from the way everyone would expect you to think normally.  Just try to see things and circumstances in a different light to the normal. 

Remember, no matter how much you try to be humorous don’t deviate entirely from whatever the discussion is.  Always pick up your jokes from ongoing conversations.  Otherwise you will put people off as it will seem that you are simply trying to take the lime light, rather than adding to the conversation in a fun and interesting way.

Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager


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