We All Have A Leader In Us, But How To Become One?

We All Have A Leader In Us, But How To Become One?

So, you want to become a leader? 

Ask yourself these five questions and answer them honestly.  No one is looking at the answers but you, so go wild and put down your deepest inner wishes for where you want to be.

1.    If nothing were to hold you back, what would you be doing? 

2.    What job would you have? 

3.    What kind of organisation would you work for?

4.    What tasks would you be doing??

5.    What do you dream of? 


You know what? You can make all of those answers happen.  You just need to learn how to remove the self-imposed barriers in your head. 

How? I have regularly asked for the seemingly impossible and got it. Here is what I have learned along the way. 

1. Know yourself and be the best you

We add value in an overcrowded world of people competing against one another by being our best self– working with our strengths, not our weaknesses.  Get to know your unique and natural passions and advantages – the ones you were born with.  For example, many like the big picture and hate details or some must chat with people to feel alive, yet others need heaps of alone time.  Some people like routine, tradition and structure, and some like freewheeling.  

Know what your essential core skills are and work with that. Wherever possible as a leader, make sure you get the different skill set in an assistant to balance you.

2. Express your authenticity

Drive from your authenticity.  It feels great, and besides, no one likes a ‘fake’ and may sense it.  Work with your natural skills.  It will bring out the best you by doing this.  

3. Get strategic

What position are you aiming for - medium and long-term?  Have a vision even if it seems outrageous.  Become accountable to yourself.  Write your vision on your wall – read it and feel it.  Take up bold and scary opportunities – they will build courage in you. 

4. Walk away from negativity

There will always be negative people in workplaces.  Step away from them as quickly as possible.  Do not buy into gossip or people who pull you down, which includes your inner critic – the one we all have.  But don’t let your ego get out of control in the process.  Stay true to your career strategy and your personal values.

5. Set your protocols

Develop self-care strategies, including finding out what works for you when you are under stress.  Stop worshipping busy.  Right brain balancing activities are where the best ideas come from.  As a leader, choose to see staff and co-workers through their strengths, not their weaknesses – catch people doing the right things and say thank you. 

Margo headshot.jpg

Implement the 80/20 rule.  Use it in life and at work.  No one is perfect.  What crushes many people is their perfectionist streak.  Get real, there is NOT enough time and catching up is never ending – so train yourself to do 80/20.  You’ll be happier. 

Margo Field recently has been a CEO and now runs her coaching and advisory business.

Feel welcome to be in touch with her: margo@margofield.com.au


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