How To Commit To Your Style?

How To Commit To Your Style?

Committing to your style and appreciating quality means you will never go wrong.

The items that are on the list below are the ones you need to find first. Also, look in your wardrobe to see what you already have and tick them off your list right away. The aim is to provide a clear, uncluttered base and you may already have many of the items.


The Essentials List:

- Tailored jacket

- Short jacket

- Fitted coat

- Tailored pants

- Wide-leg pants

- Jeans

- The perfect skirt

- Full skirt

- Collared shirt

- Statement top

- Knit jumper or cardigan

- T-shirts

- Day dress

- Little black dress

- Special occasion dress


Quality Over Quantity:

It’s an adage worth saying again and again – buy the best you can afford. Purchasing the better-quality clothes means you will need and want fewer. Excellent fabric, excellent quality and a perfect fit are the key to investing in a piece that will last you decades. Natural fibres such as pure cotton, linen, silk, wool and cashmere are far superior to their human-made counterparts for their lasting appeal, ability to breathe ongoing relevance in fashion. They feel better, keep their shape and colour, need less cleaning and last longer. Look at the weight of the fabric and whether it suits the climate in which you live.

Does the fabric work with the existing items in your wardrobe?

Note: If the quality you would like is out of your budget, remember that core wardrobe colours, such as black, grey, brown, white and cream always helps a budget-friendly find look more expensive.

You can see the quality in the details. Carefully matching of colours or patterns, hand-finished hems and buttonholes, pin or hand-stitching, silk lining and considered cut are all features of skilled quality. Seeking the perfect fit and not settling for something close can be the difference between the ordinary and the eternally chic.

Making Your Wardrobe Work:

Your wardrobe should work hard for you. Buy smart pieces that can be layered and work with the different looks you want to wear. This way, you can spend more on a better garment, and your cost per wear goes up, legitimising the experience. The more you wear an item, the less it cost per wear becomes. With this in mind, make a serious investment in pieces you know you will wear for years.

When shopping for new pieces be clear about what it is you are after and zero in on items that fit the brief. A look at the following at the following elements will help you navigate through a myriad of choices and guide you to the right piece.



Consider the colours you have decided to build your core wardrobe upon and bear these in mind when shopping for your foundation pieces. Darker colours are more durable for outerwear, and lighter, more delicate fabrics always flatter the face. Think about how they work with the existing colours in your wardrobe and go from there.

Shape and Fit:

Does the item go with your current pieces? You should envisage this piece going with at least four other things in your wardrobe. Simple shapes and patterns are more versatile, last longer and are likely to work with a range of pieces, including seasonal trend items. You can easily jazz them up or change their personality with a few well-chosen accessories or an affordable on-trend piece. You aim to cultivate a collection of beautiful basics that are easy to transform and effortlessly chic.


Does this item have lasting appeal or is it what’s hot right now? Develop an eye for detail and avoid making impulse buys that gather dust in your wardrobe. Put your energy into more expensive, indispensable basics that will be with you for years, then go to fast fashion stores to flirt with strong trends that will date fast. Find a balance between classic and modern styles, choosing cuts and shapes that transcend trends.


You get what you pay for. When buying pieces that set the tone of your style, it’s worth a little extra investment. Spend more on core pieces that you need and less on-trend items you want. Once you have this organised, you will be free to buy seasonal pieces that take your fancy without looking like a slave to fashion.

A Handy Helper:

Find a tailor that works for you. The best looks are those that look tailor-made, and a little tweaking makes a garment uniquely yours. However, don’t buy something on sale that doesn’t fit. There’s tweaking, and then there’s having a whole new item of clothing. The shoulders have to be right, the front should not gape, and the rise of pants should be roomy – or put it back on the rack.


Learn to look at these classic items with creativity to build a working wardrobe. Look at how designers have reworked the classics to give them a modern twist while respecting their timeless appeal, which is what we are creating at Cazinc The Label, rather than fashion items that will be sold cheaply on eBay the following year.

Keep these elements in mind when shopping and recognise pieces that are worth extra investment because you know you will love them and wear them like a second skin.

Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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