5 Things Successful People Do Every Day

5 Things Successful People Do Every Day

Do you know someone who is not only successful, but they manage to fit many things into their lives? Just talking to them can make you feel exhausted!  

So, what is the secret of these successful people?


Here is a list of five things they do every day that you can incorporate into your day.

1. Successful people do the least desirable task on their list first, (Eat the frog) to avoid the stress of procrastination and unpleasantness.  Completing the least desirable task leaves the rest of their day open for what they want to enjoy most and to a feeling of accomplishment, which leads to confidence. 

2. Successful people don't only use "to do" lists.  Rather, they schedule everything on their lists.  How many times have you looked at your "to do" list for the day, to realise you have only crossed one thing off?  Successful people schedule their days down to the minute. They plan out their calendar and stick to the amount of time allocated to each task.

3. Successful people set SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Relevant and Timely.

4. Successful people know how to create their community by networking.  They do something every day to grow and strengthen their “network group”. They buy from it, they share relevant information to it and promote their network group to others who might find it useful and who might also help them.

5. Successful people keep their life in perspective.  Failure is only temporary if you continue to evolve, grow and maintain a positive mindset.

Cheers to all your success, health and happiness.


Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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