How We Wear Stress On Our Face

How We Wear Stress On Our Face

Achieving fantastic skin doesn't only require great skincare. Your diet and feelings also show on your face and proof of this is below with the experience of a gorgeous friend who has kindly shared her story for us.

I have known Margaret for approximately seven years, and in that time I have always been inspired by her achievements, especially with what I saw on social media.  But as we have often suspected, sometimes there is a difference in the reality of what we see online and what is real.

Last year while chatting with Margaret, I discovered she was suffering from a broken heart and that she felt lonely and unloved.  On top of this, Margaret was  pushing through this exhaustion with running her company.  This all showed on her face.

Margaret Before and After.jpg

The images above show how stress and burnout looked for her. The photo on the left was taken a couple of years ago when, at that time, Margaret would never have posted this photo of herself without makeup.

Margaret was hiding behind layers of makeup, and even with makeup, she felt a lack of confidence eating away at her.

This is Margaret's story:

Stress and burnout crept up on me because I kept telling myself I was OK when I wasn’t.  At the time I was suffering I was creating some videos, and I was the one in front of the camera.  Fortunately, I learnt about a makeup brand that hid blemishes.  It became a habit to cover my irritated skin and to push through my exhaustion, all because I was telling myself I have to keep going.

I successfully hid the stress I put myself under from everyone on social media.  I kept up the facade of looking and feeling happy.  During this period I put off socialising and most of all, dating! Heaven forbid if anyone saw me in the morning looking like this! 

The “after” photo on the right (again with no makeup) was taken more recently after turning my life around. How? By doing the work that helped me with learning to love myself more and focusing on doing more of what I like, rather than what I thought I should be doing to build my business and build my social media profile.

I went back to find my passion and purpose, taking time for myself. 

I took time out from my business and reassessed what I wanted to do with my life.

I read my Bucket List and ticked more things off the list that kept me occupied doing things I love.

Life has changed for the better.

Now I’m doing more of what I love every day.

I’m good to have breakfast without makeup!!  

I’ve become aware of that signs of exhaustion.

I care for myself more than I ever have.

But the big one for me was "I’ve learnt to let go!"

I let go of believing I had to or could do everything on my own. My sons live in Berlin, so I was on my own with no immediate family to be there for me or to spend time with in person. I worked with a heart centred psychologist and did the work she suggested.

I loved my business (and still do) however, there were parts of running the back end that were exhausting me. In letting go of this, I discovered I am much more creative than I had given myself credit for, and so I began sketching, painting, designing and generally doing things that I had either not done in the past or had not done for a very long time.

Making changes in our life, and working on personal development requires time and work on ourselves. The work was not hard, although I can say it was very challenging. It was all about letting go of the past and working on what the future could hold for me.

On the spur of the moment, I decided to take a trip to India with a group of ladies. India had never been on a list of places I wanted to visit, but I did feel that this was right for me and it was the right time.

The holiday to India was all part of letting go and trusting my intuition that I was making all the right decisions; instead of forcing decisions, they just came to me, and I believed.

I let go of all the expectations I had placed on myself. 

I’m comfortable sharing these photos and words with Cazinc Blog’s community because I believe I’m not the only person who has gone through life ‘stuff’ and chosen not to share at the time for fear of others not understanding and not being accepted by others who may decide to judge. 

Being transparent is empowering.

We can all work through our problems if we choose and with the support, we need from the right people. 


Margaret works with amazing women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who are ready to TAKE ACTION to transform their businesses.  Margaret shares what she used to build her business as well as developing their clarity and confidence to take their business to the next level. Margaret will show you the “how”, she will hold your hand, keep you accountable and push you when you need it.

If this is you, contact Margaret here.


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