8 Bad Habits To Eliminate From Your Life

8 Bad Habits To Eliminate From Your Life

How many people do you see "nose picking" unconsciously?

How many people do you see "nose picking" unconsciously?

With the year commencing and goals being set and achieved, it is a great time to eliminate bad habits from our lives.  We all have them, whether we’d like to admit it or not, and you might not even be consciously aware of some of these habits (nose picking or nail biting for example!).  There are also bad habits, like smoking and drinking to excess, but today we are looking at different types of habits.

There are quite a few "unconscious" habits we have pulled each other up on here in the office.  We had no idea we were doing them.  Feedback is the breakfast of champions when it is constructive feedback and not an opinion.  There is a huge difference.

So we have constructed a list of our top bad habits to change, and how to do so you can start the new year on a positive note.

1. Not Reviewing Your Goals.

How many of you set goals on NYE, only to place them in a drawer and forget about them?  I spoke with a client yesterday who felt lost in life.  The reason was he wasn't following through with his goals.

It is easy to set goals, especially when you are kind to yourself by setting real actionable and obtainable goals.  These days it is easy to work on what you want, without having to spend years creating the life you dream of.

The secret is to pull your goals out of the drawer and refer back to them and adjust them often.

2. Binge Eating - Especially Sugar


Throughout this year we have written many articles on the harmful effects of eating sugar, including the confessions of a sugar addict.  We also have given you articles on quick and easy snack solutions to prepare for the "3 pm slump" when you go looking for the sugar fix.

Diet is all about balance.  When you deprive your body of "desires," or starve, is the time when your body wants to binge or reach for the sugar fix.

The secret is to start the day with the most important meal, breakfast.  Skipping breakfast, or fueling up on sugary cereals is a bad habit.  Try to incorporate more plant-based foods, full of good fats and vitamins into your diet.

We incorporate the 90/10.  90% healthy and 10% desires.  As everyone who knows me, this consists of a small piece of good dark chocolate, ice cream, wine, champagne, g&t's, and of course an espresso martini or two.  A girl has to live!!!

3. Jealousy

Removing the "green-eyed monster" from your life is refreshing.  A great way to do this is to remember that everyone has a story, a reason for their actions.  Many of them (as stated above) is unconscious and serves a purpose for them.

Comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster.  It creates "ego" which is thinking from your head.  Let's instead be kind to ourselves and create "love" and think from our hearts and focus on you and what you are doing, following your own goals and dreams, not others.

Rather than being jealous of people, let's all be kind for 2018 and beyond.  

4. Not Paying Attention To Your Cash Flow

That avocado smash you spend $12 on daily, plus coffee at $4.50 might be the best breakfast in town, but do you realise you’re paying $84 a week on breakfast and $31.50 on coffee? That is over $6,000 per year)!  

Add this to the money you spend on bottled water? Drinks? Uber Eats? Before you reach for your plastic, make sure you’re mindful of your spending, with a set budget for where you want your money to go.

5. Slouching.

Do you need to pay attention to how you are sitting?

Do you need to pay attention to how you are sitting?

You read the importance of a good posture.  It only took me 50 years, and now many physiotherapy sessions, to realise the importance of good posture.  Especially the time I spend on this laptop.

Consciously pay attention to your posture.  Stand tall, sit tall, pull your shoulders back and work on your core muscles to carry yourself around with pride.  Your back will thank you.

6. Staying Up Late.

Ok, we know what it is like when you have downloaded the latest series on Netflix, and you want to binge watch it until the end, but after a few nights, it all starts to catch up with you.

Sleep is essential for your health, including memory redemption and weight management, so jump in the sack at a reasonable hour to ensure the alarm goes off 8 hours later.

7. Not Exercising

Oooh, this is a subject us "gym junkies" don't discuss in the Cazinc office.  Exercise helps you to sleep better.  Exercise helps you to feel younger.  Exercise can be fun.  If you are not enjoying exercising, then change to something you do enjoy.

I no longer lift weights and have changed to spin classes and pilates for my health.  Maybe walk instead of running (says me who has never enjoyed running).  When you do something fun, and you love and is good for your health, it becomes addictive.

8. Stop Existing And Start Living.

We exist when we are so full of our self-doubts.  Look at the list above and be honest.  What do you need to change, so you stop existing in life?  We are here for such a short amount of time, why not make the most of your time.

What do you value in life?  What motivates you, or floats your boat?  Ok, it is time to put your phone away, wipe the slate clean and start living.

We have had many readers let us know they have stopped spending countless hours on social media this year and instead read our lifestyle blog.  The comments have been that spending time continuously reading blah on social media is existing.  The blog gives them the motivation to get up off the couch and start living.

Thank you for all your support over the course of 2017, and we wish you all the very best for 2018 and beyond.

Keep reading and sharing our articles, and we will keep motivating.  The time to make changes (if you need, and don't worry, the team here changes daily.  We are far from perfect, but hey, who wants perfection?  We want to keep growing) and hope you also do.

Check the list above.  What can you change?  What can you add to the list?  As usual, we love hearing from you.  Your comments are our inspiration to provide you with articles on topics you want to know more about.  When you learn, we learn.  We are all in this together, all our readers and staff are team Cazinc.


Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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