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An Easy Way To Improve Your Digestion

An Easy Way To Improve Your Digestion


Our digestive systems are often challenged this time of year; I know mine has been! Those with impaired digestion must struggle with the desire to eat all the delicious holiday foods understanding the suffering that will follow. Even with a good digestive system, eating too much and too many different things at one meal can cause problems.

A key nutrient that most everybody lacks to some degree is enzymes due to the over-processing and refining of foods. 

Our bodies manufacture some of its enzymes and others are obtained by eating enzyme-rich foods, mostly raw. Cooking foods over 118 degrees destroy the enzyme content. Food growers and manufacturers kill the enzymes in our food by treating it with certain chemicals that retard spoilage to give it a longer shelf life. If they didn't do this, the fruits and vegetables would be rotten before it hit the supermarket shelves. Pasteurisation is another necessary modern-day evil for an extended shelf life that leaves our food's nutrient and enzyme depleted, which is one of the main reasons I rarely shop at supermarkets, especially when it comes to purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables.  Farmer's markets are my favourite.


The first step to improve your digestion and gut health is to chew the food until it is entirely smooth. This will require extra time for each bite will be chewed on an average of 100 times. It is supposed to be in a pureed state before swallowing.  

Have you witnessed people who inhale their food, chewing only a few times before gulping it down? 

While chewing, saliva releases the enzyme amylase that starts to break down starch into smaller glucose molecules. 

Foods containing and also stimulate the formation of more enzymes include: 

raw papaya
raw pineapple
raw unpasteurised apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon in water three times a day) fermented foods that are high in pro-biotics like sour yoghurt (sorry, not the sweet kind), sauerkraut or kim-chi. 

For some, a probiotic supplement may be needed due to the overuse of antibiotics and diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. It may be consumed in powder or capsule form upon awakening and at bedtime.  Some people may only need a cup of digestive tea after meals.

 The following teas may be found individually or in combination; 


I wish you all a happy holiday season with your loved ones. And remember... work less, play more...hate less love more... talk less, say more... eat less, CHEW MORE... and all good things will be yours.

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