The Must Read Book For 2018

The Must Read Book For 2018


Written by Angelia Pupillo

I have always been a caring person. A person who puts the needs of others before themselves, does what they’re told, listens to the opinions of others, respects the views of others and takes on board criticism and advice. 

 About a year ago I hit a wall. I felt so incredibly overwhelmed by my responsibilities and what I thought was expected of me. I no longer approached tasks with a positive attitude. Things I did that never used to phase me started to bother me. I found myself getting irritable at the drop of a hat and snapping at the loved ones in my house (which still happens from time to time, sorry family). 

I knew I needed to do something about my attitude. 

Not giving a fuck.jpg

I stumbled across Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***” in an Instagram post a few months ago. I put off purchasing it for a while, kind of afraid it would be one of those books that claimed to have all the answers to a carefree life but only provide temporary satisfaction. I have to confess that this book opened my eyes. It was real. It was to the point. It was brutally honest. 

We are the masters of our own lives, yet we can be so quick to allow others to take the reins. We are living in an age where social media dominates. The successes, triumphs and happiness and others are always at arm’s length. I scroll through my Instagram, and it’s like a highlights reel. Nobody shows their daily struggles, bad hair days, ugly looking food or their not so great fashion moments (#activewearforlife). In his book, Manson explains why we can be so quick to be disappointed with our best efforts or why so many people think that they aren’t good enough. The reality is that we are all good enough. We are worthy of living our best lives. 

I was so hard on myself for not feeling astounding all the time. Not always being the best daughter, the best sister, having the best diet, is the fittest or wearing the best clothes. The reality is that I am doing my best. I am HUMAN. I will make MISTAKES. I am not PERFECT.


This book has made me love and accepts myself for where I am presently at in my life. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s time to take responsibility for our lives and what we want out of it. It is our CHOICE what we do every day, and you don’t HAVE to be PERFECT. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** is your guide to living a calm, happy life. These blinks explain how to use suffering to boost your success, define your values and purpose and live a fulfilling life in every moment.

Do yourself a favour and take some time to understand why it is so important not to give a F***.  

Let us know how this book has changed your life.


Angelica Pupillo is a bundle of energy and health.  She has now completed her Law/Arts degree at Deakin University.  Her arts major was journalism and she completed law with honours.  Angelica is currently following her passion of health by doing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) at Endeavour College.

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