What Are The Warning Signs In A Relationship?

What Are The Warning Signs In A Relationship?


For women, new dating relationships can be fabulous. Have you been in a relationship with a guy, or currently in one where everything starts off amazing, he is the man of your dreams, then things begin to sour?  Your Prince Charming suddenly turns into "The Big Bad Wolf."

Listed below are some of the warning signs to look out for in a relationship.  If you can spot these warning signs early in your relationship, you could save yourself before it's too late.  Better to know before you are committed and have children because often the situation becomes worse, not better.  

Warning Sign #1 - He Starts Putting You Down

Again, Prince Charming is gorgeous, attentive and the guy you have been yearning to be in a relationship with.  Then all of a sudden he starts to grow horns and puts you down at home or in front of your family and friends.  If you see a pattern here, it is time to chat with him or listen to the alarms bells ringing and leave.

Warning Sign #2 - He Doesn't Allow You To Make Decisions

Wrong, wrong, wrong is all you ever hear.  Your decisions are not valued, or they are wrong.  Your partner is suddenly becoming a bully and making all your choices for you, a control freak!  If this alarm rings, stand up for your rights girlfriend.  Your opinion does matter, and your decisions are valued.  If this issue doesn't change, "next" - move on.  There are plenty of Prince Charming's out there who would appreciate you.

Warning Sign #3 - Single Guy Behaviours

Again at the beginning, your guy is attentive to your needs, he loves spending time with you and adores you.  Then the "single guy syndrome" kicks in, where he begins to ignore you, he starts hanging out with the mates more than you, and he is beginning to look at other women more than you.  You know what time it is - alarm!!!  If you want a man who is committed to you, then please don't invest time with Casanova as he will break your heart.

Warning Sign #4 - He Dislikes Your Friends And Family

Argh!!!! He was lovely to them when dating commenced.  Now he does nothing but says horrible things about your friends and family.  He doesn't want to see them and starts forbidding you to hang out with them also.  It is a sure sign of "Bad Wolf" behaviour when his actions are damaging how you feel mentally and psychologically about the people you genuinely love.  Ring the bell gorgeous and pick the ones who have loved and supported you for your lifetime, not five minutes.

Warning Sign #5 - Anger


It's time to ring the bell if he doesn't only grow horns, but claws and a tail and begins to be angry consistantly.  It's unfortunate but true that many men are loving and kind to begin with, then things start to sour, and his anger takes over.  It starts off with him losing his temper over trivial stuff, but then this starts to become an unpleasant pattern.  If his rage becomes a regular occurrence, even if he says it won't happen again, then leave.  Please do not put yourself in danger - never.  Too many women have been injured or murdered in anger.  Ring the bell and run.  If you feel you are still in danger, please go to the authorities.  

Warning Sign #6 - Forced Sex

Has your sex life with your partner changed where he is forcing you to have sex when you don't want to?  Is he trying things you don't want to do and not listening to you?  Is he becoming rough with you during sex?  Questions you need to ask yourself, but if any of these questions are yes and he doesn't stop, then no questions asked, close the book.  Fairytale is over as it doesn't end with happily ever after.

I hope these warning signs have helped you to know when things are right or wrong in a relationship.  Luckily there are beautiful, adoring, loving and gorgeous men out there who want to be your Prince Charming.  They will fight dragons, walk through forests for days without water, climb any mountain and castle to be by your side.

Carolyn Rowland has been a relationship therapist and coach for over seven years, working with many couples to produce happier relationships.  She now shares many of these ideas, real stories, and information for you on her daily blog.  Stay tuned for the very exciting news that Carolyn has a book, written predominately for men on relationships to be released soon.  Why for men, because the new book is based on Caz's real life experiences with her clients and what she realised is that men were the ones who needed help.

What others are saying about the book:

"The book is sensational. I have never read such down to earth correct observations and directions.  So proud of you taking the time to write this for men. It will make a much difference for us men and our relationships." - Michael.

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