What To Do When You Dread Mondays?

What To Do When You Dread Mondays?

Chatting with a friend recently, I was surprised to hear she was miserable at work.  Everything else in her life was perfect, but she dreaded every Monday morning and dragged herself off to work for another day of misery.


I have been in this situation in the past, as has our career writer, Leah Lambart from Relaunch Me, who regularly meets with people who feel the same way as my friend.  This week, Leah met with a client who is seriously contemplating a career change.  She explained that she feels physically sick on a Sunday night when she thinks about work and lives for her weekends.   Leaves the office emotionally exhausted every day, has no interest in her work and doesn’t even want to see her friends anymore.  She feels ‘stuck,' depressed and doesn’t know what to do to end this situation as my friend explained to me.

If this sounds like you, then be reassured that there are many others out there in the same position.  I also have been in this situation myself and understood the impact it can have on your life outside of work as well.

Leah explains here what happened to her in this situation.

When I commenced my career many years ago, I was stoked to get a graduate job within the Tax Division of a Big four accounting firm.  I felt like I had hit the jackpot and my parents were pleased that my education had finally paid off.   Six months in I wasn’t so sure this was for me, twelve months in I was wondering what the hell I was doing.  Two years in I was completely miserable.  I was working full-time, coming into the office every weekend to study Chartered Accountant exams and felt like a square peg in a round hole.  I regularly cried in my manager’s office and felt that I was always trying to overcome weaknesses (researching and interpreting legislation and writing tax advice letters). I also knew that I was NEVER going to be passionate about tax unlike many of my colleagues (you better believe it!).

Working in this environment was depleting my energy.  It felt hard every single day, and I wasn’t utilizing any of my strengths (relationship building, helping people, interpersonal skills) except at social events.  I lived for lunchtime, Friday night drinks and the annual cocktail party as these were the only occasions when I felt I could be myself!

So, if you are in a role depleting your energy what do you do?

First of all, take the time out to do a self-assessment to find out what your strengths are. 

Are you an extrovert, where sitting at a desk 24/7, not being able to speak to anyone doesn't work for you?  Or are you an introvert and sitting at a desk working with figures is your thing?

Identifying your strengths can even be difficult when you are feeling good, but virtually impossible when feeling down, but once you have determined your strengths, research jobs where you can utilize these strengths in your daily work (not just at the Christmas party). 

The next step is to find something outside of work that energizes you!  Take up a hobby or renew an old passion that you know you will love to restore some of the energy you are losing at work.


Once you rebuild your confidence, your drive and motivation will return.  It is only then that you can start taking the necessary action to search for a career that is meaningful and a better fit to your personality and strengths. 


Leah is living proof of this as now she works with clients daily supporting them to realize their full potential and guide them to the career that will not only full fill their dreams, it will give them the energy they require to enjoy life.

If you feel your current work position is depleting you of energy and life, please read Leah's articles in the careers section of Cazinc, or contact Leah at Relaunch Me here.


We spend so much time at work, why not do something you love?  Meet people who will inspire you, not deplete you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you dread Mondays?  Please share on the comments below.

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