5 Fabulous Red Wines For Spring, Plus A Must Read Wine Book

5 Fabulous Red Wines For Spring, Plus A Must Read Wine Book

Warm weather is finally hitting us soon and we can enjoy spending time outside with friends.


Chatting to our gorgeous wine connoisseur, Hunter from Dan Murphy's in DFO is always fun and informative.  Pinot noir is a lighter red wine, which we love to enjoy throughout the warmer months.  

Pinot noir was always an expensive wine due to it being a tough one to make, but we are thrilled to hear that the prices have come down as the pinot noir variety was difficult to produce, but the wineries have become better at the production.  This has led to quite a few quality pinot noirs under twenty dollars. They might not last for ten years but drink amazingly well right now. 
Also, some of the snobbishness has been removed. More people are willing to give it ago and finding out how good it can be. Thus sales are up, and where there is a need, the wineries will fill it.   Devils corner Pinot from Tasmania is another perfect example, as are the two below.

Hunter has given us a couple of fantastic pinot noirs for you to enjoy, plus a couple of shirazs and a cabernet sauvignon.

Please, if you are around this way, call in to see Hunter.  He loves speaking to our readers, and you will be thrilled with the selection of wines he will kindly assist you. 

1. 2016 Take It To The Grave  Pinot Noir


A little ripper of a bottle of wine from the Adelaide hills. Wine maker Cory Ryan has a produced a truly superb value for money pinot noir. At only $15.99 each 

Generosity is at the heart of this wine. Rich, ripe boysenberry aromas are first on the scene, followed by a big juicy mouth full of soft ripe fruit and perfectly balanced oak. None of usual pinot noir stuffiness just great flavor and pure enjoyment. 

It shows just how good a less expensive pinot can be. It will make you smile with every sip you take. 
Ps . Every customer I have sold one too has come back for a second. 

2. 2015 Pencarrow Pinot Noir

2015 Pencarrow Pinot Noir.jpg

Here is one of our favorite all round pinot noirs.
$19.99 per bottle.

In recent years the price of quality Pinot has dropped dramatically. A few years ago you could not purchase a high-quality pinot noir for under 50.00 dollars. 

This particular vine is a compassionate soul and needs lots of TLC to get the best out of it, making it expensive to produce.  But with the introduction of hardier clones, the wine makers have been able to provide an excellent quality pinot noir at a much lower price. 

Rich garnet red.   Followed by ripe cherry and earthy red currant aromas with a hint of fresh mushroom. 

A perfectly balanced ripe fruit wine dances across your pallet.   No harsh notes found here. Just beautifully lush fruit with a hint of oak. Superb pinot noir at a price that is very hard to beat. 

3. 2014 St Halley Blackwell Shiraz

2014 St Halley Blackwell Shiraz.jpg

Named after a genius of a winemaker and Barossa legend Stuart Blackwell. 

 At only $35.99 it could hold its head up against wines at twice the price. 

 The first thing you will notice is the wonderfully concentrated aromas of ripe blackberries and current black fruit with a touch of spice. 

As you take a sip, the realization of just how amazingly complex and perfectly balanced this wine is.  The flavors are a ripe berry fruit with just a touch of spice, followed by a subtle hint of oak. But then the depth and length of this silky masterpiece envelop your senses, and you realize you are tasting a truly magical wine.  A must try at least once in your life time.

4. 2014 Woodstock Shiraz

2014 Woodstock Shiraz.jpg

One of the best wineries's for superb shiraz to be found in Mclaren Vale SA.  It's top end shiraz, The Stocks sells for around $50.00 but could easily beat wines four or five times the price.  
At $21.99 per bottle, this shiraz is an absolute Bargain. 

Concentrated plush aromas of dark berry fruits a sail your senses at first, followed by one of the smoothest yet superbly balanced sips of wine you may ever have the joy of sampling.   Perfectly ripened dark berry fruit balanced by soft oak leaves you wondering how on earth do they make such fantastic wine at this price. 

And it will only improve over the next ten years. 

5. 2012 Bremerton Walters Reserve 

2012 Bremerton Walters Reserve.jpg

A relatively rare cabernet sauvignon. But one of the best in Australia.

Spicy dark plum and current black aromas at first, followed by one of the most beautifully balanced yet superbly concentrated mouth full of dark berry fruits flavors you are ever likely to come across. 

Perfect example of how good Australian cabernet sauvignon can be. 

Often sells out through the cellar door. So if you happen to be lucky and find one, grab it quickly and then drink and savor it slowly.

$53.20 from your local Dan Murphys. 

2018 Halliday Wine Companion Book

20% off rrp.$39.99 from Book Bonding this month.

2018 Halliday Wine Companion.jpg

Halliday Wine Companion is recognised as the industry benchmark for Australian wine. The 2018 edition has been completely revised to bring you up-to-the-minute information. In his inimitable style, Halliday shares his extensive knowledge of wine through detailed tasting notes with points, price, value symbol and advice on best-by drinking, and alcohol content. He provides information about wineries and winemakers, including vineyard sizes, opening times and contact details.

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