A Teenager Parenting Book Not To Be Missed

A Teenager Parenting Book Not To Be Missed

Exciting news - our regular parenting writers Sonya and Sacha have written a book, "The Two Worlds of Your Teenager" which sold out in all the key stockists in its first week of publication.  Congratulations to the girls, read their articles in the well-being section at Cazinc, but here is information about the book for you.

Over the past 17 years, Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri have been working with teenagers on a daily basis. They understand that while teens experience many changes in their lives, two big areas come into full bloom about the same time as each other: social life and thoughts about a career path. 

Sonya and Sacha are experts in these two areas. They believe it’s the parent’s job to be well prepared for this often confusing time in their teenager’s life. Then when your children need help, they will confidently come to you, their parents, because you understand what’s going on. The purpose is to make sure the forever-widening gap between teens and their parents becomes narrower and narrower. 

Sonya and Sacha have made it their life’s mission to engage and connect with teenagers on a daily basis to guide them in these areas. They believe the more choices, options and information a teenager receives, the more likely they are to make positive choices, especially when faced with a tricky situation. Their fun, down-to-earth manner readily connects with parents and teens and makes this an engaging and informative read. 

Key Topics Covered Include:

  • Understanding party drugs and their dangers 
  • How to avoid alcohol spiking 
  • The danger of being in a crowd 
  • Organising transport 
  • Coping with unwanted aggression in clubs 
  • Understanding different dress codes 
  • How to ask the right questions to determine possible career paths 
  • Taking risks 
  • Understanding personal responsibility 
  • Developing a good work ethic 
  • Investing and saving 
  • The Two Worlds of Your Teenager

The two worlds of your teenager – what there’s only two? Some would say: ‘Don’t the sun and the moon and the whole world revolve around most teenagers?’ Well actually we’ve broken it down into two distinct phases where we as parents could sometimes do with a little guidance – ‘get me the hell out of here, I have no idea what I’m doing!!!’

Congrats parent – you have made it through the crying/teething/non-sleeping/pooping/weeing/nappy/tantrum/crawling/learning to walk/stubborn/uncoordinated phase that is your baby and toddler years. You’ve survived the next bit, and the tween years and here you are … plonked straight into the land of ‘I have a teenager’. Welcome. Enjoy the view. Strap yourself in. You may need a helmet. No really, get one.

The Teenage Tornado

The emotional turmoil at this time of your teen’s life is real. Psychologically and hormonally we know there’s a storm going on inside them equivalent to a large-scale tsunami/tornado/cyclone. At the same time, some new things are happening in their lives. 

If they are at school and asked what do they want to do for the rest of their lives. Now let’s think about that for a moment. You are 16, and you are supposed to work out what subjects you will need for your future career. But you don’t know what that is because umm YOU’RE 16!!! 

Teens will be feeling pressure because some of their peers might have it worked out already, and they still don’t. 

Pressure From Parents

Teens are feeling pressure from us as well. Some of us can deliberately or subconsciously put 

Pressure on our children to achieve and perhaps even push them into studying something they have no interest in. We can also feel helpless regarding directing them to take the right path for their future career. 

While all this daytime drama is happening, the nights become a fairly notable change too. 

Party Time!

Parties, clubs, alcohol, drugs. The words alone are enough to make us break into a premenopausal sweat. Isn’t timing a beautiful thing?

Ask yourself – when was the last time you went clubbing or to a teenage party? Do you know what happens there? Do you know the landscape of the kinds of behaviour/drugs/interactions they are confronted with? Do you know what to say to your child to ensure they have strategies to stay safe? 

Why These Two Topics?

We have identified these two areas as being another of those times in life where we shouldn’t just wing it. And these two times are not separate issues: what happens in your teen’s party world can affect their future career…both positive and adverse. Today the majority of employers go straight to Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat to check out a prospective employee’s profile. If your teen has images posted of themselves looking less than, well, employable, it might be enough to take the shine off the fabulous job interview they just had.

We are not here to teach you how to suck eggs. We are here to only help you through a period in your teens’ lives that we know quite a bit about this topic. Stick your feet up, grab a preferably frozen frappe and prepare to become experts on how to get your kids to this new stage.

The Two Worlds of Your Teenager is practical, punchy and informative - much like its authors. It will give you a laugh, help you stay sane. It’s much cheaper than therapy, smarter than Dr Google and more fun than counselling.’ - Susie O’Brien, Herald Sun

More About The Authors

Sonya and Sacha are mothers themselves and have developed their careers working with teenagers. Sonya and Sacha are highly sought after professional speakers in the youth sector and experts on teenage issues. They’ve entertained and informed more than one million young people around Australia. Their messages are powerful, funny, insightful and, in some instances, life-saving.

Reading this book parents will learn: 

  • How to communicate effectively with their teenagers
  • Teach their teens to be safe when they hit the party scene, *Knowing and understanding the laws of what happens in night clubs"
  • Teaching your child to get to know themselves so they can make positive choices
  • Having real discussions about how to guide your teenager in the direction of the right career path for them individually


A parents guide to help their teens through career choices and the party scene.  An ex-bouncer and an entrepreneur wander into a bar and have a long chat
about keeping kids safe and kindling their passions. This book is like being
a fly on the wall at such a chat. Wildly entertaining and exceptionally

Andrew Fuller
Australia's Leading Clinical Psychologist

The Two Worlds of Your Teenager is practical, punchy and informative - much like its authors. It will give you a laugh, help you stay sane. It’s much cheaper than therapy, smarter than Dr Google and more fun than counselling.
Not only does it contain common sense strategies, but it's also packed full of helpful advice for the parents of teenagers. From partying safely to get a good job to avoiding drunk selfies, this book has all the answers - and even manages to ask the right questions.

Susie O’Brien
Herald Sun

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