7 Things Successful Women Do In The Morning

7 Things Successful Women Do In The Morning

The best and easiest way to ease being ready in time each morning is to be quick with everything; learning the skill of how to go from a housewife to horn bag in minutes requires practice.

Photo:  Glamour

Photo: Glamour

Mornings in our household were always busy with four children going to 4 different schools, so we had different times to leave, different buses to catch and I still found time out to go to the gym, (looking back, I don't know how I did it), which I still do today.

Whether you go to work or helping children become ready for school, finding more time to look and feel fabulous every day will decrease your stress levels and will assist you to have a chance to be more fruitful and stylish.


Here are what successful women do to be ready quickly and effortlessly.

1. A wardrobe full of mix and match clothes are an excellent way to create more outfits in your wardrobe, but this can be time-consuming.  Invest in a few dresses which require little amounts of accessorising and effort to make you stand out in the crowd.  Team with some fabulous fish net or colourful stockings and boots or shoes to be out the door in no time.

2. Invest in a great haircut and products.  Healthier hair is quicker to blow dry and when you have a stylish and “up to date” cut it will take no time to style your hair.

3. Ensure you remove your make up off before going to bed each night, so your skincare regime in the morning is quick.  Ensure you look after your skin inside out and outside in – great skin care, plenty of water, exercise and a diet of plenty of fruit and vegetables will have your skin looking fantastic in no time.

4. Having great skin cuts down your makeup application time as your makeup glides over healthy skin.  Have lessons on composition and practice.  Your make up shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to apply in the morning.  Blending is the key to great makeup, as is colour knowledge for your skin, ensuring you are wearing the correct colours.

5. Clean up before going to bed, so you are not cleaning in the morning.  

6. Eat breakfast, even if it is fruit and yoghurt on the run.  Toast or Porridge is a quick and easy meal.

7. During all of this, try and drink water.  Warm, cold or herbal teas.  Your body dehydrates during the night and tires you so for more energy seek to exercise in the mornings and rehydrate your body and mind.

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