5 Brilliant Red Wines

5 Brilliant Red Wines

We are on the home stretch for winter, so Hunter from Dan Murphy's, Essendon, has given us a fantastic selection of red wines to carry us through to the champagne seasons, spring and summer.  Enjoy these beautiful grapes together.

1. Palliser Estate Pencarrow 2015 Pinot Noir

Incredible value for money Pinot noir from New Zealand. 

Only $19.99 a bottle but has the taste and complexity of $30.00 to $40.00 bottle of Pinot. 

Rich  Aromas of ripe dark berry fruit with a touch of spicy oak are your first impressions. Followed by a mixed balanced fruit driven pallet. An all time customer favourite. It has never let me down yet. 

2. BullAnt Cab Merlot 2014

A beautifully balanced full bodied winter red. 

Cascading aromas of ripe black currant fruit Jump from the glass. Just a hint of Vanilla oak follows. 

A big bold fruit driven red that surprises your senses with its intensity and silky smoothness. You would have thought it should have been twice the price. 

A fantastic red wine for the price and one that has never let me down.

Only $15.99 per bottle.

3. Bests Great Western Bin 1 2015 Shiraz

One of the very best 2015 Shiraz wines from the Grampians.

A true mix of dark, fruit-rich spice aromas on the nose; then a coulis-like concentration of blackcurrant and blackberry fruit shines through on the palate.

Superb balance of tannin and acid gives this wine an elegance and length rarely found. 

It needs s good hour in the decanter and could easily go down for ten years. 

A fantastic all-rounder. 

4. Hartland Directors Cut 2014 Shiraz

A fascinating wine. Only $32.99 but the fruit comes from vines well over a hundred years old. 

Super rich dark berry aromas at first. Almost cassis like in their intensity, which follows by a super rich,  velvety smooth mouth full of concentrated berry fruit flavours.  Perfect balance with extreme length. 

A barging at $32.99. Fantastic value Shiraz at this price. 


5. Shingleback Red Knot Shiraz 2015

Concentrated blackcurrant/blackberry aromas arise from the glass at first, followed by a velvety smooth, perfectly balanced, the fruit-driven mouthful of joy. 

At only $12.95, an absolute bargain and perfect for winter drinking.

All available at Dan Murphy stores.

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