7 Techniques For Great Self-Motivation

7 Techniques For Great Self-Motivation

It's hump day and you wish it was Friday?  Or you are having one of those weeks where you need to re-energise from a huge weekend?  Or you just want to stay snuggled up under the blankets, turn the lights off and block out the world?

We have all felt this way, but if you are feeling this way often, self-motivation can be your answer. The alternative is 5 cans of Red Bull, or drink coffee all day, which is what we would like to do, but it's not sustainable.

Self-motivation is a power that drives us to keep moving ahead.  It encourages continuous learning, makes us realise our goals to progress and succeed. 

So, jump out of bed and be ready to pump yourself up with fabulous ways to become motivated.


1.   Communicate And Talk To Get Motivated

Communication with someone can boost up your energy and make you go on track. Talk with positive and motivated individuals. They can be your colleagues, friends, wife, or anyone with whom you can share your ideas.

2.   Remain Optimistic

When facing hurdles; try to make efforts to find how to overcome them. Also, it’s great to understand the good in bad.  It will help you with the tough times.

3.   Discover Your Interest Area

 If you lack interest in the current task, you won’t proceed and continue with it.  If you have no interest in the work, but if it is essential to perform for your career, try to correlate it with a larger ultimate goal.

4.   Self-Acknowledgement


When your motivation level is saturated you feel like you’re on top of the world. There will be a blueprint that once you acknowledge, you can proceed with your career and can grow.

5.   Monitor And Record Your Success

Maintain a success bar for the assignments you are currently working on. When you observe progress, it will encourage you to naturally want to foster it.

6.   Uplift Energy Levels

Energy is essential for self-motivation. Do regular exercise. Have a proper sleep. Drink plenty of water and take breaks to refresh you.

7.   Assist, Support And Motivate Others

Discuss and share your views and ideas with your friends and peers and assist them in getting motivated. When we observe, others performing right, it will keep us motivated. Invite feedback from others on your achievements.

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Here is a quick 10 minute video on self-motivation, voted the best motivational video of 2016.

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