What Do We Need For Survival?

What Do We Need For Survival?

“We need four hugs per day for survival.  We need eight hugs a day for maintenance, and we need 12 hugs per day for growth”      - Virginia Satir.

A hug is to embrace affectionately, to put your arms around somebody’s body and hold the person tight to show affection.

How can you give and receive more affection, hugs and touch?

Simplifying your life is contusive to health and happiness.  Learning to love yourself and find out what is most important to you and learning you are important and allowing yourself to be brilliant, loving who you see in the mirror, inspiring love, laughter and excitement into your life, extending this love to everyone around you is a healthy way to live.  

As human beings, we develop layers, a personality or a person who we need to be, so we don’t upset people.  

How many of us are being ourselves?  

Are you being your authentic self, being genuine and honest with yourself, your partner, family, friends and the people you love?

Feeling loved and giving love is a wonderful way to overcome hard times and feeling the support around you.  Being a pure, healthy being, joyful and happy for no reason, extending love and happiness to everyone around you is a great place to start.

Love yourself wholly and share this love with others.  Start by giving to yourself, have a pedicure because when your feet feel good, you feel good.  Or a whole body massage as a treat, a great way to rid yourself of tension.  It improves your skin, your memory and your mood.

In the famous book "The 10 Essentials Hugs For Life," author Roy Spence was inspired to share this book because of his father.  Roy's dad, the "Big R" would hug everyone he saw, and not just a little hug, he would give the big old bear hug.

In the book, Spence says "Hugs are the universal medicine, a handshake from the heart, or the shortest distance between friends. Most of all, hugs reveal we are all the same and gives us the freedom to be audaciously vulnerable and caring."

“I wrote the book for it to be both physical hugging and symbolic, metaphysical hugging,” Spence says. “The purpose of ‘The 10 Essential Hugs of Life’ is to use the hidden power of hugs to lift people up, including yourself.”

In the book, Spence starts off with the greatest hug of all - Hug Yourself First. 

Right now, wrap your arms around your body, give yourself a big hug, and say, “I Love you, and I miss you.”   These are the seven most healing words anyone can say to another person. So why not say them to yourself? If you can't bring out the best in you, you can’t bring out the best in others?

How many hugs and compliments can you give today, tomorrow and forever?  Please ensure the first hug is for yourself.

Sending lots of hugs to everyone.

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