9 Toxic Relationships To Remove From Your Life

9 Toxic Relationships To Remove From Your Life

Do you have the toxic relationships where they come and dump their crap on you and leaving you flat?  Where you feel you do everything for them and all they do is suck you dry?

We have three fears in life:

1.    A fear of not being good enough
2.    A fear of not being loved
3.    A fear of not belonging.

These are the main reasons we hold onto toxic relationships.  Once you learn to let go of these fears is the moment you can let go of the toxic relationships.



Just like cleaning out our wardrobes, now and then we need to clean out our contact list.
So, which ones do you need to lose?  Get ready to start your detox and say goodbye.

1.    The Selfish Friend

You know the one.  She never asks how you are.  You can ask her many questions about her family, career, relationships, but she never asks you one single question in return.  Also, when you speak about yourself, she suddenly becomes busy and leaves.  

2.    The Drainer Friend

The friend who is often the dramatist and only calls you or pops in to “dump her s**t” on you.  They are often complaining about everyone and everything.  Once they have finished complaining, they leave feeling better and you feeling drained and exhausted.

3.    The Killjoy Friend

You know the one, the fun buster.  The one who doesn’t want to fall-down-laughing with you.  They are the one who kills the mood when everyone is having a great time because they put a negative element on everything.  A dinner feast becomes a waste of food, a great bottle of champagne is too expensive.  Not a favourite of mine.

4.    The Put-Down Friend

The friend who thinks it is funny to make jokes about you and put you down in front of others.  They are the ones who only laugh at their jokes and don't realise they are upsetting you.  Definite throw out.

5.    The Self-Destructive Friend

This is the unstable person who drinks too much and struggles with holding onto a job, let alone a career.  The person with no goals in life and loves to try and drag you along their journey.  The reality is this friend hates the way you are successful and tries to drag you down the rabbit hole with them.

6.    The Gossiper Friend

You know the one.  Well, they know the one, in fact, they know everyone and talk about them.  You know if they are gossiping about everyone else, they will be chatting about you with others.  They are the ones who ask personal questions about you and your family, and you don’t want to answer because you know the information will be all around town the next day.

7.    The Shallow Friend

Ok, I call this “friend” shallow because they are the ones who regularly comment on your weight.  (I can feel you cringing!).  “Oh, have you lost weight?” or “You have been in the top paddock”- triple cringing right now.  I don’t mean the type of friend who may comment once.  It is the friend you need to ditch who comments on your weight “every time” they see you.

8.    The Untrustworthy Friend

No trust with your friend around your partner?  Lose her before you lose them.

9.    The Tight Friend

Oh no, the bill has arrived, and they have pulled out the calculator!  You know the one which adds up everything they have consumed, to the last cent and no more, rather than splitting the bill.  Or the one who always lets you shout, but never reciprocates.  Time to move on.

I hope you enjoyed your detox. 



What else do you find toxic in a friendship?

Please share with the friends you love and keep enjoying fabulous friendships.

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