Do You Want To Create A New And Successful You?

Do You Want To Create A New And Successful You?

The reality is people judge you in the first few seconds of meeting you. If you don't have the image you want, you won't feel good about yourself and others won't recognise your qualities either. 

Someone who's polished tends to come across as neat, attractive and trustworthy, while someone that doesn't look sophisticated will be perceived the opposite way.  Having a great image is why it has been proven time and time again that you are more successful and make more money.

Changing your image should involve the following steps:

- Make a list of things you want to change about yourself.
- Ask your friends how they view you to determine some of your issues.
- Ask the experts for solutions.

The first step is knowing what you want to change. Once you know what you want to fix, you can get help from the experts.

Next, how do you polish your image once you've identified your issues?

To sharpen your image, you have to have a polished appearance. You should have quality clothes, and your shoes should be polished. Accessories could include jewellery, watches, and glasses, or even a car, a boat, or a house. 

Polishing your image doesn't mean only altering your physical appearance. Your image is just as much about your posture, attitude, and body movements. The combination of the way you dress and the way you present yourself through your attitude, the way you carry yourself, and the way you move, is what I like to call the power image. The power model contributes to the general belief that you deserve respect and can accomplish anything.

Rich people don’t get rich by accident and poor people don’t stay poor by accident – both take effort – both are work.
— Grant Cardone

Your posture and body movements can tell people a lot about you. Your posture and body movements can show whether you are confident or not. If your movements are slow and smooth, people will think you are confident. It's important to pay close attention to your movements and posture so that you can present yourself professionally - it's even more important than physical appearance.

Your voice can help you seem more confident. A deep, slow voice can help you display confidence in the workplace.

To be viewed in the way you want to be perceived, it's important to have the right character and communication skills. It's important to be a good listener (i.e., Listening to understand), because people will appreciate speaking with you, and they will feel appreciated. Further, by making small talk with people can put them at ease in conversations. Also, never underestimate the power of being polite with people and minding your manners around them.

A beautiful smile can make you appear more approachable. A smile, mainly smiling with your eyes, can give you a pleasant appearance.

To further create your image and polish your look, consider changing your hairstyle, improving your skin's appearance, having laser eye surgery to eliminate glasses, or even having your teeth whitened. In my experience, changing any of these things can get you positive responses from people and can give you a boost in confidence in yourself as well.

Similarly, certain clothes can create a polished and confident look. Dressing well means having items of clothing that fit correctly and are not showing signs of age. If you do happen to go shopping for new clothes, make sure you read "Your Ultimate Style" eBook to you know what to purchase.  Once you have the knowledge from the book, you can experiment as much as possible with shopping.

You'll find that by dressing well, you'll keep receiving positive compliments.

One of the most important lessons you can learn about yourself is dressing the part. Dress for the career you want, not the one you are currently employed.
Dress for who you want to be. If you aren't dressed the part for a job you want, you won't get it. You also won't invite the people you want to attract to your life, and the promotion you are aiming for could pass onto another.
Further, presenting yourself well is just as important on the internet as it is in person. Your avatar can tell people a lot about you. Maybe you are trying to present your company's image with your avatar. Is your avatar professional enough, or are you making a funny face? If your avatar isn't professional, no one is going to take it seriously.

The best tips I can offer you for your avatar are: keep it professional, yet friendly, personalise your image, and keep it clean and straightforward rather than blurry. To become a more successful person, you need to have a polished, sharp appearance. But more so, present yourself effectively through posture, body movements, communication skills, and the right attitude. Never underestimate the importance of the powerful image.

Cheers to your success.  How are you going to create a successful image?  Or do you already have a successful image?

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