How To Make Exercise Fun

How To Make Exercise Fun

As my spin instructor Pina says:

You got up,
You dressed up,
You showed up,
Now don't give up.

But some days are easier than others.

Do you find that some days, especially mornings in winter, you find it hard to climb out of your warm bed to hit the gym?

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
— Zig Ziglar

Like all things in life, exercise is meant to be fun.

For years I have witnessed short-term programs people attend.  They join a 6-week challenge, come to the gym, go flat out, can't walk for five days and give up!  Or they do the challenge, lose the weight and then have to join the next challenge because the weight has found its way back.

When exercising, especially when commencing a training routine, the secret is to listen to your body.  Some days you might like to walk instead of run.  Go to Pilates instead of Yoga.  Only cycle 20km in the spin class instead of 30km.  Training to how you feel is ok because you are still doing something, enjoying the experience and being healthy.

In my younger years, my relationship with diet and exercise was very similar to Angelina.  The food was the enemy and exercise consisted of full on training.  

If you read our article on the gorgeous Wendi Carroll from Aerobics Oz Style and Pilates, you will understand it is ok as we mature to change our training routines. 

Stretching is a wonderful form of exercise.  Photo:  Free People

Stretching is a wonderful form of exercise.

Photo: Free People

The secret to how I have had four children and managed a healthy body in weight and fitness, without dieting was balance.  

When I discovered a balance, to eat like French women, the food I love, but 90% healthy and in smaller portions.  Exercise for health rather than weight loss and keep getting up, showing up and never giving up because what I am doing is fun.

And I decided about 10 years ago to not live life by numbers and threw out the scales so they didn't dominate how I would feel for the day.

If you are having trouble with exercise, maybe go back to having fun.  Go out dancing, or change gyms, go for a walk in the sunshine, or the ultimate - go shopping!  Whatever you do, if you make it fun you will keep going back and only work to your bodies limit on the day.

10 surprising benefits of exercise: (read more here)

1. Reduces your dementia risk. 

2. Decreases your osteoporosis risk. 

3. Improves your sex life. 

4. Prevents muscle loss.

5. Improves digestion. 

6. Reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

7. Enhances mental performance and work productivity. 

8. Reduces cancer risk.

9. Helps reduce stroke severity.

10. Improves your skin.

Enjoy all the moments.

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