Carla Zampatti's Success Secrets

Carla Zampatti's Success Secrets

Carla Zampatti's collections are well known for quality over quantity, a European secret and over the years she has built up a trust with her clients.  They acknowledge when things are difficult if they purchase one item from Carla's latest collection that it will last a very long time and it is an investment.

Over the years, I have built up a collection of Carla's staples, ones that I will always have in my wardrobe.  They are quality items that are always in vogue, clothes I love and treasure.  They will be in my wardrobe forever.

After immigrating from Italy to Australian almost 70 years ago, Carla Zampatti has revealed one of the secrets to her success is she wanted to show how good she was.

Photo:  Carla Zampatti - 75 Years Young

Photo: Carla Zampatti - 75 Years Young

In 1965, Carla Zampatti launched a small collection that showcased Australian creativity and Italian style, which lead her to become one of Australia's most sought after designers.  Today, 52 years later, Carla's brand has become synonymous with elegant and stylish fashion, appealing to strong, independent women everywhere.

Here are Carla's Three Top Secrets For Her Success.

1. Embrace Support

If only we could do it all on our own without having to ask or even to be offered help.

The reality for Carla is, if she didn’t receive the support of her cousin at a tough time in business and life, we might never have seen her talents come to pass.  At an integral moment, she took a helping hand, and in turn, absolutely blew everybody’s expectations of her creativity and business intelligence out of the water.

"Embrace help when offered, and every ask for it. As the saying goes. if you don’t ask you won’t get."

2. If We Aren't Changing, We Aren't Creating

Another gem we took away is that as designers if we aren’t changing, we aren’t creating. Is anything original anymore? Well, maybe not, but if your designs aren’t changing, not only with the times and trends but within your portfolio of works, then you are stale and will be left behind. Even if you draw from your previous collections or work, make sure you are always evolving.

"Remember, you are only as good as your last project."

3. Business V's Designer

A topic which is one that as designers in the business will always be a struggle – but put so pointedly by Carla, she knows what will sell, and she knows what her clients love, and therefore Carla always designs with that in the forefront of her mind.

Photo: David Jones    Celebrating 50 years of Carla Zampatti

Photo: David Jones 

Celebrating 50 years of Carla Zampatti

''Black is the classiest colour ever invented, and white is the most flattering because it reflects light to the skin in the way a string of pearls will do,''

Further reading on Carla here, here and here.



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