How To Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

How To Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Have you ever said any of the following?

I hate my body
I always feel frumpy
I hate my hair
I have large thighs
My stomach is huge
I used to be a size………
I don’t have a clue how to dress this body
Nothing in my wardrobe works for me
I hate shopping; I can’t find anything I like

How many women love the way they look? How many of us think that if we achieved the figure, we have always wanted we would be happier, more modern and more attractive to others and find more love and connection in our lives?  

Body Image plays a huge role in our perception of who we are, represent and even status.  It plays a huge role in our relationships, with us and others.  When you look good, you feel fantastic, and it all starts with loving our bodies.

Photo:  Vanity Fair

Do you want bigger breasts, a flatter stomach, longer legs, a narrower waist or even larger eyes?  You are not alone.  

We all have something we would like to change in our bodies, and it is not until you can accept who you are and what you have.  Learn to work with the shape and body you have, the art of illusion dressing can we develop the style and image you desire.

Learning the magic of illusion dressing, where you bring out your best features and disguise your worst, is liberating.  

Find out how here.

Often women consider diets, excruciating and intense short-term exercise programs or even surgery because they are made to feel that their beautiful natural bodies are not good enough the way they are.  

At the start of speeches, the first question I ask is “Who has the perfect body?   Is Elle McPherson in the audience???”  This creates quite a few laughs, but on a serious side, no one puts their hand up to say they have the perfect body. It is unfortunate, but true.  We all think we need to look like "the body" to have the perfect body, but what is the perfect body? 

Why do we have this perception???  Women are constantly bombarded with ‘perfect’ images of the female form every day of their lives. They are everywhere we look: in the magazines we read, the TV shows and films they watch, the adverts in the ad breaks, in music videos and on the billboards that surround us as we walk down the street. 

The impeccable figures of famous women are presented as part and parcel of their success and stylishness. In magazines, women celebrities are praised for their perfect figures or torn to pieces if they are deemed too heavy or too skinny versus the unwritten but all common single standard of beauty. Unsurprisingly when we too compare ourselves to this standard we fail to measure up, resulting in not just body dissatisfaction, but depression, shame and guilt, which all contributes to the enormous pressure on women to conform to the body shape ideal.

 So why is it that some women live stylish and fruitful lives and have the image and confidence to look and feel fabulous every day and others don’t???

The sexiest woman in the world, Marilyn Monroe, wasn't skinny.  Nigella Lawson is another stylish and sexy woman, who oozes confidence.  They are not skinny, they are so much more than that.  It is time to bring out the “Inner Goddess” in you by creating the “Outer Goddess”.  When you learn to dress for you, you look good and feel great.

A sexy goddess, who oozes confidence.  The one and only Nigella Lawson.  Photo: Nigella Lawson

A sexy goddess, who oozes confidence.  The one and only Nigella Lawson.

Photo: Nigella Lawson

It is time to bring out the “Goddess” in you, because every woman deserves to live and be treated as a goddess.  It all starts with learning to love you.

Cheers to every goddess woman.  When you learn to love yourself, you can spread this love to others.  At Cazinc we want to spread the love but we need your help.  Please keep reading and sharing our articles so we can grow with you.

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