Ideal Careers Before Children

Ideal Careers Before Children

Career, Kids or Both?  When is the best time to have children?  How do I know I can return to work?  Leah Lambart from Relaunch me has written an article that answers all your questions.

There is no ideal time to have kids.  It depends on where you are at with your career and what you wish to achieve.

Your 20’s is a perfect time to try out different jobs.  Don’t stress if you didn’t choose the right one right up.  You still have time to try a few different things, do some travel and gain some life experience.

Through years of experience as a career advisor, my advice is to seek to get established in your ideal career at least a few years before you have children.  It is much easier to return to part-time work/flexible hours if you have a few years of experience to leverage off and are already know in the organisation/industry.  

Likewise, if you know you would like to have a family, it is probably a good idea to start thinking about whether the career you have chosen will offer you the opportunity to work part-time or work for yourself after you have children.  If not, it may be wise to consider a career change a few years before you plan to have kids.

Some careers are more flexible than others.  Jobs that require a high degree of physical presence or require you to complete billable hours (such as law or engineering) tend to be a little less flexible.  However, there has been a positive shift for corporates to offer more flexible arrangements for working parents in these sectors.

Particular career areas do tend to provide greater opportunities in regards to flexible hours that often suit working parents.  Creative and knowledge-based professionals often see people building their knowledge and experience in a corporate environment and then going out on their own or working as a freelancer/consultant after having a family. 

Creative careers that allow the option to work from home include; graphic design, interior design, jewellery design, web design or content writing, editing, resume writing or blogging.  

Knowledge-based careers that allow people the flexibility to work as a consultant include jobs such as human resources, web development, accounting & bookkeeping.

Healthcare careers often allow mothers flexibility to work part-time either in their practice as part of a multi-disciplinary practice.  These professionals include a dietitian, nutritionist, speech pathologist, psychologists and counselling.

Written by Leah Lambart from Relaunch Me Career Consulting.

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