What Are The 3 A's Of Successful Women

What Are The 3 A's Of Successful Women

Successful women know a secret.

For long-term business and social success it is important to manage your overall image, your inner thoughts, outer presentation and your behaviour to lead you to success.

Appearance x Attitude x Actions = Your “Total Image”

Successful women know that it is important to have all three.  You can have a great appearance, but your attitude and actions can be your downfall, or you can have an amazing attitude, but your actions and appearance are not up to your designed career.  All three are the key to your success.


Clothes are the Universal elements of non-verbal communication.

“Clothes Talk and People Listen”

How you wear your clothes is also the key to success.  Wear clothes you love, feel confident in and clothes that have the right fit for your body shape.

Every day we are judged by the way we dress.  Right or wrong, it happens.  Your appearance sends out messages about who you are and the impression you want to make.  7 seconds is all it takes for the perceived to judge your image, so 7 seconds is all you have to make that all important first impression.  Your clothes speak volumes about who you are, how you feel about you and your general direction in life.

It is important to stay up to date with your appearance and modern, as long as it suits your Image, body shape and colours.  In the eBook "Your Ultimate Style" we teach you the art of illusion dressing, bringing out your best features and hiding your worst, creating illusions to look slimmer, create curves, look taller or shorter…..whatever your needs are.  

It is important for your appearance to be suitable to the situation, climate, circumstances and the job at hand, for the clients you wish to attract.

To enhance who we are as a person our physical appearance and character.  Again illusion dressing, bringing out our best features and our personalities.

Also think about your ecology – your extended image, your car, office, pens, paper, even your bag and purse. 

Health is another important aspect of your image.  Eating well and having an abundance of energy is a great model.  

We are women empowering women.  We can only keep growing with your support.  Please share this article with other empowered women.


Are your actions goal active?  Think about what you want to achieve at the meeting, looking and acting for the career or success you want, not the job you are presently working.

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence."                                              

                                                          - Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook.

Be the best person you can be.  Strive to live your life to the fullest and don’t let one day go by without trying to live it the best way you can.


Is the other important part of success.  You can have a polished appearance, take massive actions, but without a great attitude, all will fall down.  

Here are some elements for a fabulous attitude.


•Optimistic and Happy

•Servants Heart

•Be Confident

•“Can do” attitude

•Enjoy your work

•Make the most of every day

•Arrive Early

•Bring everything you need

•Confident Introduction


•Listen to Others

•Return Phone Calls

•Promise Small, Deliver Big

Thank you for reading.  We hope you enjoyed the 3 A's of successful women and can install some of these into your life and careers.  Please share to other successful women.

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