How To Regain Your Travel Confidence

How To Regain Your Travel Confidence

Travel is on most of our goals, with places to see and experience all on the bucket lists, but at the moment many have lost confidence with going overseas.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

In 2005, Bali was significantly affected economically after the nightclub bombings, with many people too frightened to travel to this beautiful destination.

At present, the world is coming to terms with the terrorists’ attacks.  This year alone there have been 555 attacks with 3,775 fatalities.  Read more here.

Horrific events, like Manchester, England where we witnessed 22 killings and dozens of injuries of adults and children. 

We are all feeling the pain of the victims, and empathy towards their families, people we have never even met, and questioning if we travel, will this happen to us?
“No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.” – Chuck Thompson
Rowena Barnes, a travel consultant for Triple R Travel, spoke to me about the apprehension travellers might feeling visiting new places in a time where much of the world have become afraid to travel.

Rose and Rowena from Triple R Travel on one of their adventures.  Read about the gorgeous Rose  here .

Rose and Rowena from Triple R Travel on one of their adventures.  Read about the gorgeous Rose here.

Consumer confidence is something not to be taken for granted. It’s imperative to the travel industry more so now than ever.

We are always striving to be competitive & to offer tourism industry service & expertise to our clients & this includes maintaining consumer confidence.

It has taken me over 30 years of travel experience as a Travel Consultant & Agency Manager to build an amazing clientele which continues to grow.  At the end of the day, this is all about regaining client confidence in the Travel Industry.
The most significant role a Travel Agent plays in offering our customers a successful travel experience is not only travelling knowledge but advice & suggestions based on our own experiences including our confidence & trust.  Travel Agents offer a reliable & trustworthy contact support for clients.  During your holiday, if any issues arise, you have our full support, which is so vital to maintaining your confidence.  
‘Do you think it’s safe to travel overseas at the moment?’  The answer takes on an enormous responsibility given the recent devastating attacks on innocent people around the world.  I would answer honestly & openly & reply with “Do you think it’s safe on our roads or to attend the AFL Grand Final or our Spring Racing Carnival Events?”
I currently have a 23-year-old son travelling around Europe for two months who has been saving up for this trip of a lifetime holiday for two years.  He wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way of experiencing this incredible opportunity to travel with his friends.  I can honestly say that at times as a parent I do have concerns about his safety but more than happy for him to be travelling overseas & grateful he has a positive attitude.
I would advise anyone hoping to travel in the future, to be honest, & ask themselves about how safe they are at home when driving a car or crossing the street or attending an event in the city.
I don’t think any destination in the World can offer a 100% safety guarantee, so my advice is to keep doing what we do best & live the life we are entitled to & for me that involves plenty of travel

The reasons we need to keep travelling are:

Most People Are Kind

We can trust most people at home and overseas.

Less Racism

When we travel, we become less racist as we have a better understanding and experiences of different cultures.

No Regrets

Travel is a priceless experience. 

Chances are Slim

The odds are in your favour as most countries are huge, so the probabilities that something will happen to you is no higher in most countries than what it is if you were at home.

Thank you to Rowena for her interview for this article. Rowena can be contacted at Triple R Travel here.

We hope you keep enjoying your travels and keep making your dreams come true, no matter what.

Thank you for reading.  We are women inspiring women.  We are here for you, so please keep letting us know what you would like to read more.  Please keep sharing our articles, as we can only grow with your help.

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