What Are The 3 Life Changing Words?

What Are The 3 Life Changing Words?

There can be so many common problems people suffer with.  I have seen this with family and friends, and especially with clients.  On the other hand, I have dealt with it myself.

None of us are perfect, 99.9% of us all have something in our unconscious that is holding us back.  Even if you are really happy, this horror can rear its ugly little head every now and then, or can rear up often.

When I became a stylish, even though clients felt amazing with their new wardrobes, I realized there was so much more going on with them, internally.  This is when I became a therapist to work with client’s style on the inside and outside.

While working with clients, I worked out the common pattern with everyone.  They taught me the importance of confidence.  When you have confidence, you have self-love.  Self-love is the most important aspect to everything in life.

  • Until you have self-love, you cannot truly love anyone else.

  • Until you have self-love, you cannot lose the weight you have been carrying around.

  • Until you have self-love, you cannot build lasting relationships and enjoy an amazing career.

Think back on your life.  When you are having self-doubt days, what are the actions you take?  Can you truly love others unconditionally, eat healthy or advance in your work life?

Carmen dell’Orefice is 82 years young.  Born 1931 and still a fashion model who knows she is enough.   Photo

Carmen dell’Orefice is 82 years young.  Born 1931 and still a fashion model who knows she is enough.


So what are the 3 little life changing words?


“I am enough.” 


When I constantly told therapy clients they are enough, a whole heap of emotions came out of them.  It was like huge walls came down. I made all clients write it down on their mirrors.  I told them over and over with hypnotherapy that they are enough.

It was absolutely incredible the changes this made to their lives.  Just to know someone is saying they are enough, but also realizing they are enough made them feel special.  They then went on to write down why they are special, and wrote that down on their mirrors.  By reading this out to the image they saw, they discovered the self-love they needed.

100% of clients then started to have better relationships, careers and less problems with weight, because they realized by loving their bodies, they wanted to take care of it.

Write down all over your home “I am enough”.  Tell your children they are enough.  Spread the word.

Keep communicating with your brain to build this new way of thinking.

Keep growing this new way with expanding what you write about you.  You are beautiful.  You are a great friend.  You care about others.  You work hard so you can support charities.  You are a better parent because you know you are enough.  No matter what, please keep the list growing. 

I met a gorgeous woman last week, who told me about this amazing talk by Marisa Peer that backed up everything I was telling her about self-love.  I cried watching the video because I could relate to everything she said.  It was like my past 7 years of helping clients via therapy, teaching them self-love, letting them know they are enough, they are beautiful and worthy.

Please take the time out to watch this video.  It is worth thousands of $$$ worth of therapy.


Go ahead and give this a go.  What have you got to lose, and how much do you have to gain?  You owe this to yourself to do this as you are worth it. 

Keep reading this article and keep growing.  Read more articles like this one in our wellness section.  I have seen this work with hundreds of people, and I have witnessed the ripple effect with the changes.

We have one chance in life, go for it, knowing you are enough.

Please share this article to everyone you love. 

Thank you for investing in you.  You are worth it, you are enough.

After you have realized you are enough, we would love for you to share with us in the comments section.  You will inspire others with your positive results.

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