How Do You Measure Success And Achieve It?

How Do You Measure Success And Achieve It?

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful in life than others?  

Do you think success is measured in a monetary value, relationships, friendships, investments or careers? Or all of the above? 

Why do some people get ahead and others are left behind?  

Interesting questions that most people often think about.

Most people devote their lives working towards achieving success.  You only have to see the sales in the self-help or the business sections of the bookstores.  Books full of words like focus, wealth, power, fulfilment, greatness, and many others.

Many parents want for their children to have more success than they did.  This often puts pressure on the child.  I witnessed this watching "Masterchef" on TV last week.  Masterchef is always interesting when watching from a mindset point of view.  Last night a huge challenge was set for all 3 contestants.  One remained calm, one semi calm and the last absolutely lost his nerve, from the start, and was sent packing.  He put it down to the pressures of his family wanting to him to be more than a chef.  To follow a career of their dreams, not his.  

"Work hard, study hard, achieve good grades, go to college, and get a great job and you will have success" has been the anthem of many parents.

Here is the thing though, we are all individuals.  We all learn differently and measure our success diversely.

So no matter how you measure your own success, the secret to becoming successful in all areas of your life is to make the magic happen, with your own personal and career goals.

Try not to become a person of success, but rather become a person of value.
— Albert Einstein

Successful people manage their life towards a solid outcome, by setting realistic goals, make plans, and follow them through.

Rather than waiting around for things to happen, they make things happen.  They don't accept no for an answer, they see the possibilities, say yes and work it out.

Having a focus on attainable outcomes means having specific objectives you want to achieve, with a certain time to achieve it.  Write them all down, make many lists.  You will be inspiring yourself.

Remember the last time you set a goal.  It might have been you wanted to go on a holiday.  You made the booking, set the dates, then went and enjoyed the holiday.  You made it happen.  This is exactly what to do when setting goals and following them through.

Successful people are able to look into the mirror each morning and reflect on the life they want to live.  They are empowered to always becoming a better themselves, so they can enjoy more positive outcomes in their own personal journeys, no matter what path that takes them on.

In most instances, you can achieve whatever your heart desires, at any age.  It is never too late to learn something, to take on something you love, to travel, to become fit, to have a new career.  What is your heart telling you?  Listen to it and have a go.  Even if it fails, at least you will never die wondering.  Go for it.......and keep looking forward........keep growing.

So here is to setting your own goals.  Here is to making the magic happen.  And cheers to everyone having happy, fun, successful lives, creating beautiful memories.  

We love celebrating all success and hope you do too.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this article leads you to more success in your own personal life and journey.

Please feel free to comment, and share to others who would enjoy this article.


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